Understanding Prizes

Many programs award prizes to patrons for their participation.

There are three types of prizes that can be awarded by Summer Reader:
Registration Prizes

If you want to award a prize to patrons for registering for a program, check the Registration Prize setting when creating or editing the program. Registration prizes are automatically credited to the patron.

Random Drawings

For a discussion of random drawings, read this article.

Primary/Secondary Prizes

Prizes can be awarded to patrons who complete certain goals within the program. To activate prizes, go to the Primary Prize Settings section of the Program Setup page.

First, simply click 'Yes' to Prizes. Then move on to the Prize Configuration button to the right.

Prize Configuration consists of two tabs. The first lets you load the text that informs patrons that they've won a prize. The second tab sets the quantity of prizes to be awarded.

Prizes are awarded based up on the primary logging unit. Prizes can be awarded for each logging level, or intermittently throughout the levels.

After you've enabled prizes, choose the Prize Type.

Awards prizes for every X number of log units completed, capped by number of prize levels. Can be weekly, monthly or calculated over the course of the whole program.
Allows prize intervals to be set at irregular intervals, entered with commas. For example, a prize can be awarded for every 2, 5, and 10 books read. Entered as 2,5,10. Can be weekly, monthly or calculated over the course of the whole program.
Daily Goals
Awards prizes based on how many times a patron hits their Daily Goal. Can be entered in irregular intervals using commas (see above). Also, be sure to set the minimum daily goal.
Set the number of prize levels possible. Staff then manually control log progress and award prizes.

Secondary prizes are configured in the same way as primary prizes.

Once a patron has qualified for a prize, a message will appear on the patron home screen notifying them.

When the patron comes to the library to claim his or her prize, perform a Quick Search to find their record.

On the patron record, click the  icon.

That takes you to the Prize Management Screen.

This screen shows all available prizes, as well as a complete history of all prizes earned. To award a prize, check the final column, labeled Prize Eligibility. That tells how many prizes the patron is eligible to win. Enter the number of prizes to award, then click the  icon. You can also award all prizes to a patron by clicking the Award All Prizes button.

Once a prizes have been awarded, the Prize eligibility column will be reduced by the number of prizes awarded. The Prizes Received Column will increase by that amount. 
To clear a patron's prize record, enter the number of prizes to clear and click the  icon.

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