How to Manage Language and Text Setup

Summer reader allows you change the language of the system. Languages can be configured to include real-world languages such as Spanish or French, or to set up wording specific to groups or demographics (teen-speak, simple explanations for kids, programs designed for moms or seniors).

Access the Language\Text Setup page from the System Maintenance Menu.

To add a new language, click Add New.

To edit a language template, click the icon.

The Language\Text Setup Screen contains the following fields:

Language ID
Each language template is assigned a preset ID number.
For new Templates, this copies settings from an existing language template
The name of the language template
A description of the language template (for readers under 13, for teens, ect)
The region and language information. Fixed after initial entry.
Normal (tab)
Sets the language for the normal version of the site
Mobile (tab)
Sets the language for the mobile version of the site
Button Text
What appears on the buttons throughout the site
Field Labels
What titles are given to various entry fields
Configures the wording of various alerts and notifications patrons encounter while using the system (You won a prize!, Registration Successful!, ect.)
Page Text
Controls what the page actually says in various locations.
Page Titles
Controls what various pages are titled.
Test Test the settings to be sure they are functional.
Save Saves all changes and applies them to the defaults

To configure text, open a find box in your browser. Do this by hitting control + F . This will help you find the text you are looking for. Only edit text within quotation marks. Once you've configured languages you can apply them to a program.

In the Program Setup screen, click Language\Text Setup.

There you can assign language Templates to the program. Each program can have multiple languages assigned to it.

If multiple languages are available, patrons can select them from the patron home page.

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