Understanding Room Email Templates

Room and Equipment Email Templates control the email alerts the system sends out to patrons. You can access the menu from the System Configuration and Settings page. There is one menu for Room Templates and another for Equipment. To configure the technical settings for email, read this article.

There are seven different templates you can customize.

Patron Request Confirmation
This is the email patrons receive when their request is received, but still pending
Patron Reservation*
This is the email that goes out when an unmediated patron reservation is received. This is only available for rooms, because all equipment reservations are mediated.
Staff Request Confirmation
This is the email that goes out when a staff request is submitted
Request Accepted
When a mediated request has been approved, this email goes out
Request Denied
When a mediated request has been denied, this email goes out
Status Change
This email is sent when there is a change in the status of a request.
Reservation Reminder
This email reminds patrons of their reservations.

These fields contain information between carrot marks, for example ^text^. These carrots allow the system to customize the text for each individual reservation. Changing the text between the carrots can eliminate the reference. References are listed along the right hand side. Do not use tags from other parts of the program. They will not work apart from the pages where they are listed.

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