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How do I transfer an existing Events, Room Reserve or Summer Reader system to a different server?

Please review the information in this article to help plan for your site move. Also please make sure that the server you are moving our product(s) too meets the requirements listed here.

System Transfer Instructions

Please remember that the Evanced Support Department is always willing to help or even perform the move for you (for a fee), so if you have any hesitations about performing the move yourself please contact us at to schedule your move. Demco no longer supports this task.  

If you intend on performing the move yourself, send us an email requesting the links for the installation programs or be sure to download the following versions:

The "original” server is the server that currently houses the system.

The "new” server is the server that the system is being moved to. It must run Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2, and be configured with the "Application Server” role. Make sure the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager’s Web Service Extensions are configured to allow Active Server Pages or Classic ASP, as they are prohibited by default.

When transferring the system(s) to another server:

 * The MySQL service and ODBC driver need to be installed on the new server. * The web files and MySQL 
database files need to be copied to the new server. * The Data Source Name (ODBC connections) need to be

The following describes how to accomplish the steps required in the transfer process. Please read through all of the steps before starting the transfer.

Installation of MySQL and ODBC connector on the new server:

1. Install MySQL.

2. Install the ODBC Connector.

Archiving the old web site and data.

1. Disabling the old database connection.

2. Backing up Database files.

3. Backing up Web files.

Restoring the data on the new server.

1. Restoring the Web files.

2. Restoring the Database files.

3. Restoring the database connections.

Note: Remember to go under Email Settings and edit the two fields referring to the system's URL to the new one. Those should be Server Name and Folder Path.

Configure the scheduled task on the new server:

1. Edit the Scheduled Task Batch file.

HttpRequester.vbs http://localhost/evanced/lib/eventnotify.asp?opmode=all

2. Build the Scheduled Task.

3. Test the Scheduled Task

NOTE: One common issue is a popup that requires user interaction to click on OK to continue running. If this window is displayed, be sure to check the box for "Do Not Display This Warning Again". Failure to check this box will cause the task to fail.

Now you can test your system. 

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