How to Edit a SignUp Event with Registration

When creating an event, it is best to double check everything once you are done creating, before letting patrons begin to register. 

Note: Once patrons begin to register for an event, staff cannot edit the defining aspects of that event, such as the Date, Time, Location, Space, etc.  

Steps to get the program with the correct Location, Space, Time, Date, etc.:

  1. Cancel: You will have to "Cancel" the event, click "Yes", it is optional to put in a description of why you are cancelling it, and optional if you want to send notification to the registered patrons. 


  2. Copy : You will have to "Copy" the event.  When you click the Copy button then the new event setup will pop up, and you will need to edit the information that needs to be changed before saving the event again.  Don't forget to "Publish" again if need be. 


  3. Transfer: You will have to go back to the cancelled event, and transfer the attendance from the attendance sheet to the new event that you created with the copy function.  When in the attendance of the cancelled event, click "Copy All". 


  4. Copy Registrants: You will need to select the event you are copying the attendance too, then click "Copy All Registrants" and then "Yes". 

Here is a screencast video that outlines the process in further detail by using a test site:  

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  • Summary: How to Edit a SignUp Event with Registration
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