Scheduling Holiday Closings in SignUp, Spaces, and DIBS

Please note:  This article is no longer valid with the latest versions of SignUp, Spaces, and D!bs due to the new functionality for System-Wide Hours & Holiday/Emergency Closings (Released on 03/04/2020).  See the kb articles for system wide hours and holiday/emergency closings for more information.   



We recommend you instruct your staff to consult the library's closings schedule prior to creating an event as SignUp does not currently offer a complete solution to closing the system. SignUp does not respect the hours configured in Location Setup, and thus there is no high-level way to close all spaces at once. To prevent staff from creating events on days which your library is closed, you would need to create an all-day event in each space which is closed. Note you cannot just create an all-day event in the location and have it cascade down to the individual spaces within that location; a unique event must be created per space. If you have many spaces, this may not be a feasible workflow. An alternative workflow would be to create a single all-day event in that location with "No Space" selected as the space and train staff to look for such a closing event prior to creating new events.


Spaces and D!BS

Closing your locations and spaces in Spaces and D!BS can be accomplished using alternate hours which you can configure in Settings > Location Setup. We recommend creating a new alternate hours listing with the date range set to the specific date of your closing. For instance, if you were closed on January 1, 2018, you would add a new alternate hours listing, set the Start Date and End Date both to 01/01/2018, and leave the hours to say "Closed." Please review our article on configuring hours and alternate hours if you are unfamiliar with the process.

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  • Summary: The proper protocol for closing the system for holidays/other closings.
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