What to Expect With Wandoo Reader for 2015

The next generation of Evanced Solutions’ popular summer reading platform Summer Reader is getting a facelift.

Wandoo Reader has been in use since June 2014, and the next round of development will introduce exciting new features to carry your summer reading program into the future.

For an informative video look at these new features, please click here.

New Features

Wandoo Reader already features a game interface and interactive elements designed to enhance the patron experience and create a more fun environment with less effort than traditional summer solutions. With our spring release, those features will get an overhaul.

  • Multi-program support will allow you to run as many programs at once as you like.
  • Multi-age support allows you to build custom experiences for any age range from pre-readers to adults.
  • Enhanced banner themes allow you promote your participation in national reading programs or supply your own custom theme to the program.
  • An enhanced ‘simple’ theme creates a fully mobile-optimized experience.
  • Staff ability to create custom registration questions for each program
  • Enhanced and better optimized reporting tools
  • Social media sharing tools for users over 13 let your patrons share their accomplishments with each other.

Additionally, Wandoo Reader will support an enhanced Challenge feature that will let you incentivize and track an endless array of literacy activities.

  • Create custom challenges allowing for patrons to record reviews with text entry.
  • Encourage creativity with challenges calling for images to be uploaded.
  • Motivate program participation through ‘secret code’ challenges.
  • Drive reading with target logging goals.
  • Provide one-click challenge confirmation opportunities.

Custom challenge description and completion messaging, along with the ability to choose the response type you want give you the ability to create any type of experience that fits your goals.

Challenges are an optional part of Wandoo Reader, but one that you can use to build your own robust game environment for your patrons of all ages. Challenges are unique to each program, and can be incentivized through prizes, certificates (badges), or just by the simple fun of completing them all.

Easy Staff-Side Control

The goal of Wandoo Reader is a fun patron experience and a smooth staff experience. Long-term Summer Reader users will find the staff-side of Wandoo Reader far more intuitive and easy to manage, making it simple to prepare staff to use the new interface.

With a focus on step-by-step program setup and easy registration tools, Wandoo Reader will give you a quicker path to an exciting summer reading program than ever before.

When to Expect Changes

Throughout the month of March 2015, you’ll begin to see a flurry of new blog posts, training videos and knowledge base articles highlighting the new features and allowing you to prepare staff for any changes.

You should see changes roll out April 24th, with plenty of announcements and notifications ahead of time. As always, current users will get an alert announcement the day before the push, but we’ll be sure to give you an extra heads up in late March so you can know what to expect.

If I already have Summer Reader, can I run Wandoo Reader, too?

Existing Summer Reader customers can migrate directly to Wandoo Reader exclusively for no additional charge, but some libraries may want to run both at the same time

You’ll want to contact Sales for specifics, but here’s a general idea of how pricing would go for existing Summer Reader customers, if you decide to run both programs at once.

The price to add Wandoo Reader is annual and varies, depending on your service population. Current Summer Reader customers: you can expect the price to add Wandoo Reader to be what the list price maintenance fee would be for you, if you had purchased Wandoo Reader outright.

Still have questions about Summer Reader or Wandoo Reader? You can search our Knowledge Base for technical articles, submit a specific question here, or simply contact Support.

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