Understanding Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing can only be enabled in Events version 7 or newer, so if you are using an older version, our first step would be bringing your system to the latest version. Also, there is an additional charge for this feature from Evanced and charges will apply from your selected merchant account, processor and/or gateway.

Below is an explanation of what each of those elements is needed for:

The components necessary for on-line credit card transactions are:

  • Bank (Merchant Account): Banks/Merchant Accounts are used to accept the credit card payments. They generally do not process or transmit the charges they just accept them for you.
  • Processor: A Processor handles the electronic credit card transaction. Many banks resell the Processor service.
  • Gateway: A Gateway is the interface from the web site to the Processor. Common Gateways we support are ACH Direct, BizGate, Authorize.net, Payflow Pro (A Paypal Company), Virginia PP and Sage. We have recently added SmartPay and SecurePay.

Some of these services may be combined. For example, Sage is a Gateway, Processor and Merchant account all rolled into one. Some banks will bundle these services together as well.

If you are already accepting online credit card transactions then you already have access to these necessary components. To determine what will be needed for your system review the questions below.

1. Do you already offer on-line credit transactions? (If No, see question 2)

Chances are, you already have the necessary components to add credit card processing to your system. Email support@evancedsolutions.com with your Gateway connection information and we will help you to determine what is necessary. We are always adding new Gateways to our software so if yours is not supported it may require a little work on our part.

2. Do you offer credit card transactions in person? (If No, see question 3)

Contact your bank to determine what processor and gateway they support. They may already offer the components needed for your existing account. Then contact support with the gateway information and we will help you setup your RR system.

3. Are you new to credit card transactions?

Contact our support department and let us know. We can provide you with a quote to provide these services for you.

A good description of the process can be found on Authorize.net's website.

The Credit Card Processing menu can be accessed via the Systems Configuration and Settings menu.

If we have enabled your credit card processing capability, use the menu to configure Events. If the menu does not appear, contact customer support about enabling processing. This must be done at the ALL BRANCHES level.

Select Enable Processing (yes)

Then list your processing company, merchant ID and password and select which cards you accept.

Once this step is complete, you will be able to create custom cost classifications that can be applied to events.

For common credit card questions click here.

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