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If you are interested in allowing community groups to submit requests to post events to the SignUp calendar, this is right widget for you! We have created this handy widget you can embed in your website that will automatically email staff with event request submissions, that can then quickly be set up as events in SignUp.

Please note: this widget is not supported by Evanced and can only be employed if you have a PHP server. Many popular website platforms may offer similar plugins, and we recommend using the fields from this one as a template for your own tool.


The Community Event Form widget is easy to setup and implement for someone with a basic understanding of html. Follow the instructions below to begin setting up this widget on your library's website! 

Be aware that working with widgets requires basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. You will need to have your own PHP server! 

 Before you are ready to use this widget, please follow these preliminary steps: 

  1. Download the attached zip file "evanced_eventform" at the bottom of this page and extract it. 

  2. Open the html file "EventForm.html" in a text editor and find the following script: 

<script type="text/javascript"> 

var _AdminRecipientEmail = ""; 


  1. Replace the highlighted portion with the email address that you would like all event form submissions to be sent to.  

Your script should now look something like this: 

(If you wish to send the event form information to more than one email, separate the emails with a comma like this:   ",") 

To embed the Community Event Form widget onto your website, please follow these steps: 

1. Move all files contained within the "css" and "js" folders to your own file storage. 

2. Move the file named "formHandler.php" into your own file storage. If you are putting it in a separate location as your html file, you will need to update the file path inside of formValidation.js (line 26).”

3. Include references to all of the scripts and css from the image above into your website's html. (Don't forget to change the file pathing!)

4. Create a link to the Community Event Form in your html. (There are a couple of methods for how to do this provided in the EventForm.html file, lines 17-18)

5. Copy and paste everything within the <body> tags of EventForm.html into your own website's html. (Don't include lines 16-18) 

Please note that Evanced's support is limited to the functionality of the Community Event Form widget and the way it looks independently. Evanced does not provide support for installing the widget on your site, nor does it provide support for the widget's design after installation on your site.

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  • Summary: This is a simple webform you can embed in your website to gather community event requests.
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