Running Reports in Spaces

Reports can be accessed from the Spaces Admin Homepage in the side navigation. There are four principle reports in Spaces.

The Activity Report is a quick, on-demand look at today's reservations.

This report will display a list of reservations broken down by room. It will display current and future reservations for today, and will not display any reservations that have already ended previously in the day. The Activity Report also includes SignUp events so you can get an accurate picture of a room's schedule!
There are no optional or configurable settings for this report.
The Equipment Setup Report shows reservations and any equipment included.
First, select the date filter you would like to use.
Dynamic Date expresses the dates as they relate to today (i.e. Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, etc.)
Static Date expresses the dates in month/day/year format and uses a starting and ending date.
You can also filter results by status (Pending, Approved, Denied, Ignored) and by cancellation type (Cancelled Reservations, Not Cancelled Reservations.)
The  Locations tab allows to further filter your report by selecting all locations and spaces or by selecting choice locations and spaces. Click the green "+" icon to expand locations to display their respective spaces for including or not including in your report.
The Fields Included tab allows you to choose which fields you would like included in your report. This gives you the ability to create a report tailored specifically to your needs. The gray field boxes are draggable.  Drag and drop any fields you want in the "Fields In Report" column and drag and drop any fields you do not want in the "Fields Not In Report" column.  The order in which you put the "Fields included" will be the order in which they fall in the report.  
You can enter a report name toward the bottom of the screen to save your report settings for future use. This will cause the saved report to appear on the main report screen so it can be run with a single click of the mouse.
When you hit Run Report, a new web page will open with the report results demonstrating when equipment has been requested and by whom.
By clicking on the heading at the top of the column, you can sort by that particular filter.
The Reservation Report allows you to track general reservation details.
The Reservation Report is configurable similarly to the Equipment Setup Report except for the fields you are able to include. The fields available to select in the Reservation Report are room-associated, whereas the Equipment Setup Report's fields are equipment-associated. See above for setting up a new report.

Another difference between the Reservation Report and the Equipment Setup Report is the Reservation Report has an optional filter which can include SignUp events when both modules are enabled. The Filters section of the report has an additional filter option, "Include Events" under the Filter By Type heading, which when selected will include  SignUp  events in the report in addition to Spaces reservations.

Note: Ongoing Events from SignUp may display with a different start date than other events, recurring events, or reservations in this report. This is due to the unique fact that an Ongoing event can have one Start Date but span multiple contiguous days. For example, if you have an ongoing event spanning 3 days (e.g. 3/1-3/3) and you run a report which only includes the second day of a three-day Ongoing event (e.g. 3/2), the "Reservation Date" for the Ongoing event that was included in this report will still display the start date of the three-day Ongoing event (e.g. 3/1).

Note: SignUp events created without a space designated (including system-wide events) are not included in this report.

The fields which can be included in the report are slightly different when using "Include Events." If events are included in your report, the following "Fields Included" options will change:

Label Changes  

  • Patron Name changes to Spaces Patron Name
  • Organization changes to Organization/Event Title   

New Fields  

  • Event Description

The Transaction Report tracks individual transactions within the system.
When you filter by date in the transaction report, it is filtering by the date of the transaction, not the reservation. The filter fields allow you to get a complete list of money going in and out of the system in a given time frame. Note that the Remaining Balance field displays the remaining balance at the time of the transaction (not the current remaining balance).
The Transaction Notes and Credit Card Transaction Number fields currently display the same information.
Exporting and Printing Reports
The Equipment Setup and Reservation reports can be printed or exported using the buttons in the upper right-hand corner. Currently, you can export to Comma Separated Value format (CSV) only. To print the Activity Report, use your browser's print function.
Custom Fields
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  • Summary: Run an Activity Report, an Equipment Setup Report, or a Fee Report in Spaces.
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