Understanding Library Information Maintenace

Library Information Maintenance is where you control basic information for your branch like its name, address, phone number, ect. You can access this menu from the System Configuration and Settings link.

NOTE: Library Information Maintenance options are DIFFERENT in branch mode than in All Branches mode.Checking what mode you are logged into can save much confusion!

In single branch mode, Library Information Maintenance allows you specify the following for your single branch: name, address, phone number, homepage, map information, and if the library is private.

You can also set your standard and alternate library hours.

Residency/Other Term allows you to create residency restrictions.

For information on how to include your interactive map settings, please follow the instructions in this article.

In All Branches mode, there are three options that are NOT available to a single branch that is part of a branch system. Mouse over the menu link to reveal them.

Add Branch
Set up a new branch to your library system. Follow the same process as listed for single branch mode.
Edit Branch
Alter the same information as above for previously existing branches.
Edit Master
Set the name and home page for the library system as a whole.

Edit Branch mode also gives you the option to change the display order of the libraries in the system, or to delete a branch entirely.
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