Frequently Asked Questions About Migration to SignUp from Events


If your library is interested in migrating from Events to SignUp, please sign up for one of our SignUp Q&A live webinars or review any of our pre-recorded webinars here.

Here are some frequently asked questions about migration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SignUp?

  • SignUp is a new calendaring software from Demco Software.
  • SignUp is NOT an upgrade from Events. Though existing Events customers can migrate to it, free of charge, it is an entirely new program with a completely different underlying framework than Events.

Why should we migrate to SignUp?

  • Improved interface.
  • New features like Event Cancellation.
  • Easier to use and train staff.
  • Fewer System Settings to manage.
  • Improved graphics and design on the public side.
  • Faster development, more regular feature additions, and enhancements.
  • Better performance as a result of better architecture.
  • Superior mobile integration.

Why should we wait to migrate?

  • Some features are not available. Check this article for a full comparison.
  • You are happy and comfortable with Events.
  • You are going through other technology migrations.
  • Demco Software advised you against the migration due to a special setup in your system that will not be supported with the new system.

Do we have to migrate now?

  • No, you can migrate at any time. We will continue supporting Events through at least 2017 as part as our covenant with our customers.

If we don't like SignUp, can we go back to Events?

  • The process of migrating will include setting up a test site for your library to help you make a well-informed decision. This test site will use a copy of your database and will be available to you for a period of time. At this stage, you can choose to continue with migrating your live system to SignUp or continue to use your existing Events system. Migrating back to your original Events system after migrating your live site to SignUp, however, will not be available. This is because of data loss risk since the migration took place.

What does it cost to migrate our existing Events system to SignUp?

  • Migration is free of charge for our current customers of Events. There will also be no increases in maintenance/renewal costs.

Our Events system is installed on our own servers. How are we affected?

  • SignUp is a true multi-tenant platform. It is available only as a hosted option by Demco Software. Events systems that are currently hosted by the library will still be able to migrate, but the SignUp site will be on Demco Software's servers.

Why didn't you just upgrade Events?

  • SignUp represents our effort to move past the limitations of the current Events system infrastructure and build the best possible product with a view towards future development that is centered around providing an enhanced user experience.
Is there a demo I can watch?
What is the process to Migrate?
  • Send Demco Software Support a request for a test site.
  • We will build you the site with partial data transfer and send you its information.
  • Experiment with the site while training staff.
  • Tell us when you are ready to fully switch to SignUp.
  • We import your data and you go live with the new system on an agreed-upon date.

Which options are available in each product?

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

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  • Summary: What you need to know about migrating from SignUp to Events.
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