Summer Reader Custom Templates Editing

In this article, we will walk through what all to change to make your program customized to your library. Also, it will give the details for what to do after you have the custom program up and running to further customize the look and feel of your Summer Reader. If you have not yet picked a template and installed it, please go here to select a template to use.
A visual version of the settings to change is below the list. Refer to the list for a description of the field to change and what the field does.
*Custom program 1 was used as the demonstration, so some settings may look different*
Click on Edit Program and click on the program you want to edit:
  1. Enter in a Program Contact Name & Email Address.
  2. Change Program Name – The program name will show up on the patron side.
  3. Change Abbreviation – The abbreviation will showup on the staff side.
  4. Enter the Description – The current description is an outline of what the program could be best used for.
  5. Enter in Eligibility Requirement Text if there are requirements to enrolling in the program. (If Eligibility Requirement is blank, there is no eligibility requirement for the program).
  6. Enter in Instructional Text that will show up on the logging page.
  7. Change the Registration Date to your programs dates.
  8. Change the Logging Date to the dates you'd like. (If Logging is enabled)
  9. Add a Log Out Destination URL.
  10. Click Save.

*Note* The Eligibility Requirement, Family & Group Registration, Facebook, Log Type, Prize Settings, Prize Configuration, Registration Setup, and Logging Setup are all optional changes you can make if the current settings are not ideal for you. Otherwise, they can be left alone and are already pre-configured.
Once your program's settings are configured, it is recommended that you edit some other settings in your Summer Reader program. You can Click Here for the guide that outlines all of the System Maintenance links. As an added note, the program templates do not come with customized graphics. The graphic templates and layouts can be edited in the page editor screen of Summer Reader. There are a series of tutorials on our knowledge base that will help walk you through the progress. The link can be accessed by clicking here.

Once you are finished with your basic program setup, you can move on to:

Program Language Setup

Registration Setup

And Logging Setup

Lastly, apply your style settings to the program page:

Load Style Sheet Template

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