Geneaology Quick Start Guide

Genealogy is a program designed to help you track wedding and death notices in your area and make that information easily available to the public.

Once you have received your installation notice from Evanced Solutions, there is very little work to do to get started.

First, if you have any existing data in spreadsheet form that you want imported into new program, please contact Evanced. If you wish, we can give you a custom price quote to import your records to the system.

Second, set your passwords for the new system. From your Index System Maintenance page, follow the Administrator Login Maintenance and Staff Login Maintenance links to set passwords for your system.

Third, begin to input data into your system.

There are three main systems in Genealogy.

Obituary Maintenance

Cemetery Maintenance

Marriage Maintenance

Follow the links for a description of how to set up each program.

Fourth, publish your patron view links on your library's website.

Congratulations! Your new site is ready go.
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