Understanding the Patron Home Page

The Patron Home Page is the page patrons see first when coming to Summer Reader.

Every aspect of the page is customizable.

The primary ways to customize the Patron Home Page are through Program Setup and through Style Sheets.

The following items are optional on the Patron Home Page:

Tab between Summer Reading Programs. Can also be displayed as a drop down.
An RSS feed of upcoming library events
Important Messages
Messages from the library to the patrons
Prize and Certificate Messages
Messages alerting patrons of prizes
Display reviews from the patron or from other Patrons
Cool Links
Interesting links from around the web or from your library home page
Log In
Allows the Patron to login to the program
Allows the Patron to register for the program
Use great themes and images either from a pre-existing template or create your own
Language Customization
Create different languages for the patrons to choose from

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