FireSign and Evanced Solutions

Combining interactive, digital displays with your library events and reservations

Creating eye-catching, informative signage in your library can
sometimes prove to be a difficult task. Busy libraries have a limited amount of
time to catch the attention of library patrons and let them know about library
and community events. Integrating powerful digital signage solutions with
robust event calendar and room reservation software is proving to be the best
way to communicate important messages at the library.

Anode, Inc. has built FireSign, a new option in dynamic, digital
signage that allows library patrons to not only read messages, but interact
with them through touch screen technology.

Evanced Solutions builds a wide-array of library software
solutions to help with day-to-day management tasks.

Events, helps libraries build events calendars, manage event
sign up, send event reminders, and easily build event wait lists. Room Reserve assists
libraries as they manage rooms and room equipment. Events and Room Reserve can
be integrated to help staff and patrons alike interact with library events and

How they work together

Using standard Evanced switches (URL parameters for pulling data
from the Evanced system), FireSign requests Events data in XML format at
recurring intervals
. All the Events information for a specified date range is
returned, and FireSign matches the information to pre-defined locations on an
interactive map. The map and events are presented on a touch screen display
that allows visitors to discover upcoming activities and resources throughout
the library. Visitors may touch a location on the map, or they may select an
event from a listing on the right-hand side of the screen. Either navigation
option presents the location, time and description of the event, along with a
reference picture that can be changed through FireSign's web-based
administration tool.

If you'd like to learn more about Firesign or need further
assistance integrating your Events and Room Reserve products with your current
Firesign products, contact them at 866.802.2436 or go to


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