Edit an Event in Events

Often it is necessary to change the information for an event that you have created. Whether or not an event has been published, you can edit it.

You can find the Event EDIT screen by way of the Add/Edit/Archive Page.

To edit an event, select Edit Single or Edit Recurring (highlighted in yellow in the photo below).

Edit Single changes the information for an event that occurs one time.

Edit Recurring changes the information for all instances of an event that occurs multiple times.

If you want to change information for a single occurrence of a repeated event, uncheck the "combined recurring event" box and hit search. That will break the event into its component parts. Then, edit the individual session of the recurring event.

The Event EDIT mode is identical to the Create New Event mode with one exception. The bottom of the Event EDIT page contains data about the last time an event was modified and what date it was created.

For a refresher on how modify the fields on the Event Edit page, please refer to the article How to Create a New Event.

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  • Summary: How to edit a previously created event.
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