Archive an Event in Events

Archiving Events is an important way to keep your system running smoothly.

You can Archive Events through the Add/Edit/Archive page.

Why Archive Events?

Archiving an event:

  • Deletes all attendance sheets associated with the event, unless otherwise configured by the Administrator. Deleting an attendance list does not affect statistical reporting. The Reports function retains access to event statistics as long as the event resides in the Archive.

Archiving an event clears it from your Events Calendar and allows it to load more quickly. It also makes it easier for patrons and staff to search present and future events as their results won't be bogged down by dated entries that have long passed.

How do I Archive An Event?

Events can be archived individually or by bulk.

To individually Archive an event, check the Archive box. See the highlighted area on the photo below. You can check as many events as you wish to archive.  Click the Archived Checked Event button. The Event is now archived. You can view the archived event by using the "View Archive" option.

To Bulk Archive several events, Click the Bulk Archive buttonYou will be prompted to enter a date range. All events that occur between the beginning and end dates selected will be archived. If you wish to include ongoing events that occur all day over the span of multiple days, check that option.

To recover an event that has been previously archived, please consult the View Archive page.

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  • Summary: Importance of archiving events, as well as a quick tutorial in how to archive events.
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