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Wandoo Reader 2020 Imagine Theme Update

UPDATE 06/09/2020  The 2020 theme has been scheduled for release.  There will be a deployment and the theme should be available June 10, 2020 after 8:30 AM Eastern.


Our development team encountered an issue when trying to update Wandoo Reader to reflect the 2020 “Imagine” theme. The issue is reliant on our web hosting partner. We are continuing to work with that vendor and are doing everything we can to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, at this time we don’t have an ETA to share with you, but we’re doing our best to ensure the updated theme is available for your summer programs. Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE! We encourage you to proceed in setting up your program(s) and driving patrons to begin registering. When we have successfully released the new theme, you will be able to edit your program and modify the theme. If you plan to use the new theme when it is released, we suggest setting up your programs now using the "SIMPLE" theme – it will be easier for you to change from the "Simple" theme to the “Imagine” theme than it would be to change from a past theme to the “Imagine” theme.  

  • If you set the program up with the "Simple" theme, the credits will accumulate on the back-end of the program.  Then once you change your program and the "Imagine" theme is available to the patrons.  The storyline will start from the beginning and the patron will need to choose the first character.  The patron can then begin to use the credits they have earned to buy new parts and transform their character. 
  • If you set the program up with a past theme, the credits will accumulate.  However, if the patron uses the credits on the past theme, they will not get those credits back on the "Imagine" theme.  The character will show up blank until they buy new parts to transform their character and save. 

For a preview of the 2020 "Imagine" theme Characters: https://s3.amazonaws.com/static.evanced.info/SR/2020/CSLP/2020_WR_Characters.pdf

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