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Wandoo Reader 2019


Wandoo Reader has several new exciting features and enhancements coming for 2019.

The features for 2019 are released as they are completed.  Be sure to check out the version history notes for a full list of enhancements and bug fixes as they are released.


New Features

  • 2019 Theme "Universe" 
    • 20 new characters with interchangeable parts.  The new storyline to compliment the Universe of Stories theme.
  • Community Reading Goal 
    • Set a program reading goal to encourage increased engagement with your program.
    • Community Reading Goal Report creates a visual report of your participant's progress towards the reading goal
    • Reading goal progress visibility provided to patrons and staff!
    • For more information on configuring a community reading goal for your program, please refer to this article.
  • Patron Reading Goal 
    • Participants in your program can add a personal reading goal.
    • Reading goals can be added via the staff and public interfaces.
    • Reading goal progress added to the Patron Report.
    • For more information on personal reading goals, please refer to this article.
  • No Logging Programs
    • Ability to create a challenge only program and remove the logging element. This enables additional types of programs that are not tied to the traditional logging component. 
    • For more information regarding logging types supported, please refer to this article. 
  • Require Gender Update
    • Gender is optional per program during registration. You can choose whether or not to require the gender question.  If the requirement is enabled, the list of gender options can be customized. 
    • For more information regarding configuring registration for your program, please refer to this article.
  • Age Registration Gate
    • This will set the age range allowed into your program without requiring the registrant to submit their birth date.  The minimum and maximum age range are required for this option.
    • For more information regarding configuring registration for your program, please refer to this article.
  • Grade Registration Gate
    • This will set the grade range allowed into your program.  The minimum and maximum grade range are required for this option.
    • For more information regarding configuring registration for your program, please refer to this article. 
  • Pattern Prizes
    • Allows for pattern prizes to be created. 
    • Logging requirement prizes can be awarded in a custom interval.  Such as awarding a prize for every 10 minutes of reading. 
    • Challenge requirement prizes updated to include a complete any option.  As an example, the prize is awarded if the participant completes 5 out of 8 challenges.
  • Family Management- Updated! 
    • The design has been updated and additional functionality to make it easier for the entire family to engage with your program!
    • Simplified logging and challenge completion on behalf of family members.
    • Print certificates
    • Review awards earned!
  • ISBN Book Scan - Mobile view only *Release Date TBD
    • Enables patrons logging on a mobile device to scan a book's bar code to simplify the logging process.
  • Program Test Mode 
    • Test mode for program creators to easily see the changes made to a program.  Removes the hassle of registering for a program and then resetting the program to make changes.
  • Staff Side Reading Log Print
    • Ability to print out a participant's reading log via the staff side.  Enables library staff to print a reading log for patrons that may not be participating online or have access to a printer.



  • Hide Awards Tab
    • Enhanced the awards tab will not appear on the public side if a program does not have prizes/awards in the simple theme. For themed programs, the awards tab continues to appear because of the built-in character certificate.
  • Hide Challenges Tab
    • Enhanced the public side to not display the Challenges tab if challenges have not been configured for a program.
  • Group Registration Enhancement
    • Updated Group Logging Workflow
  • Branding Update
    • Added URL embed for program banner images
  • Customization 
    • Added ability for HTML markup in Challenges and Awards description fields.


Custom Fields
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  • Summary: Wandoo Reader 2019
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