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Wandoo Reader - Add Program - Registration Tab


Registration Start 

This is the date the patrons can begin to register for the program using the public link. 

Note: It cannot be after the program start date. 


Birthdate Range 

Select the Birthdate Range for your program.   

Note: Birthdate Range goes oldest to youngest.  Date can be entered from key pad or selecting from the calendar widget.  


For example: If your registration date is set for 05/01/2016.  And you are creating a Teen Program for the age range of 13 - 19.  It is best to have the birthdate range of 05/02/1996 to 05/01/2003.  (For newborn programs, it is best to not put an ending birthdate range, but instead leave it blank. So that any children born in the future can still participate at a later time.) 

Keep in mind, that for the teen program, that anyone born on or before 05/01/1996 would be considered older than 19 years old, and would not be eligible for this program.  Also, anyone born on or after 05/02/2003 would be considered younger than 13 years old, and would not be eligible for this program.  (For adult programs, it is best to not put a starting birthdate range, such as 1917 or 1916, but to instead leave it blank. So that any adult even age 104 or older can still participate).  

Age Range: 

This will set the age range allowed into your program without requiring the registrant to submit their birthdate.  The minimum and maximum age range are required for this option.

Grade Range:

This will set the grade range allowed into your program.  The minimum and maximum grade range are required for this option.


Require Email 

Email address is optional per program during registration.   

Note: If a patron does not supply an email address, they will not be able to reset their password.  They will have to contact the library to reset the password.  This is not a recommended workflow.  


Email Field Label 

Select the text displayed in the confirmation email sent to patrons. Either Email or Parent/Guardian Email.  


Require School/Grade and Display Gender 

School/Grade and Gender are optional per program during registration.  

Note: When School/Grade is required, you will need to go to the Program Details page, to select a school(s) or add new schools to the list to be included during registration.  If the gender requirement is enabled, the list of gender options can be customized.




Custom Registration Questions: This setting creates a library of questions that are applicable across your programs. You can select a question from the list of questions (which will only show as you add questions) or add a new one. Once a question has been selected, you can choose whether or not it is required for the specific program you are creating. 


You can add the following types of custom questions: 

  • Text Input: This is a simple one-line text field 

  • DropDown List: This allows you create an option set for patrons to choose from. 

  • Text Area: This allows patrons to write a more lengthy response. 

  • Radio Button: This allows patrons select one option from a list. 

  • Check Box: This allows patrons to select one, or more than one option. 

  • Date Entry: This allows patrons to enter a date in response to a question. 

Note: Custom questions do not currently have 'smart' responses (for example: "If you choose yes, then the following options appear") nor can they be prevented from registering based on their response. Custom questions cannot be edited at the present. If you need to edit a custom question, please email Evanced Support. 

Custom Fields
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  • Summary: How to navigate the Registration Tab of Wandoo Reader
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