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Wandoo Reader Patron Facing Marketing Material

Over the course of offering Wandoo Reader Summer Reader software for libraries, we occasionally get the request for marketing material that can be used by the library to promote the Wandoo Reader software to their patrons.

Attached to this article is a .zip file that contains Wandoo Reader images that are suitable for use on library websites and on social media (see "Wandoo_Reader_Assets.zip" file attached below).  Please note, these images are not print resolution, but a lower resolution designed for online media.  Feel free to have your staff included these images in your online promotion of your summer reader program.

Here are a few thumbnail images to give you a preview of the larger image files included in the .zip file below.

 Wandoo Reader Cinema DisplayWandoo Reader PhoneWandoo Reader Logo HorizontalWandoo Reader Logo Vertical


Finally, we also receive requests for a sort of "copy template" that can be used by the library for printed or electronic material to help promote the Wandoo Reader software to patrons.  Obviously, there are a lot of variances to how your specific Wandoo Reader program is setup, and the wording your library may use when communicating with your patrons, so you will need to customize some of the language variables below to fit your specific needs.  

Wandoo Reader Theme Characters 


Wandoo Reader Patron Facing Template Copy:


[Library name] [Summer Reading program name] is here!

[Kids, adults or teens] from [age] to [age] can register online by visiting [insert program-specific url].

It only takes a few minutes to sign up! Just click the “Join here” link to register.

This summer, we will be counting [choose one: books, pages, minutes]. 

[If the Sport game theme is being used] You have been chosen to represent Earth in this year's Galactic Games! Every year a new champion competes against aliens from neighboring planets in 8 different events.  To stand a chance you'll have to transform into different earth creatures for each event.  Read books to get 'energy credits' that you can use to unlock new creatures and competition events.

[If the Superhero game theme is being used] Develop your own super powers this summer by playing our interactive game. The more you read the more powers you gain! Read books to get ‘energy credits’ that you can use to unlock new and exciting abilities and super suits.

[If the Robot game theme is being used] A mysterious robot visitor clanked into the library and we need your help to figure out what he’s doing here. Help upgrade our robot this summer by playing our interactive game. The more you read, the more amazing it becomes. Read books to get ‘energy credits' that you can use to unlock new and exciting robot parts.

[Discuss if there will be prizes]

[Discuss if there will be challenges] 

[If the program is aimed at 13-year-old users or up] Be sure to share your progress on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

 Get ready to read!

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  • Summary: Provides marketing assets for use by a library promoting Wandoo Reader to it’s patrons.
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