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Creating Challenges in Wandoo Reader


To add a challenge, click the Add New button at the top right of the page.  This will open the Create Challenge Modal.   

Create Challenge Modal 

Title: The title of the challenge will appear in the staff-side list and will be the primary way to identify a challenge. Titles do not have to be unique, but they ought to be clear enough that patrons know what they are about.  

Description: The description will appear on the patron-side of the program and should tell patrons what they need to do. This field will accept html code, so if you want to add weblinks you can. The format for that is   "<a href="http://yourwebsite.com"target="_blank">These words appear on screen with a link</a>" (just ignore the quotes before and after!).  

Image: This field gives you the option to include an image for your challenge. You can upload an image from your computer, from a URL, or from your already-loaded library of images.

Active On: This field will determine when the challenge appears on the patron side of the program. 

End On: This field will determine when the challenge no longer appears on the patron side of the program. Example: If you choose 07/31/2016, then it will show until the end of that date, and will not be shown on 08/01/2016. 

Requirements: This determines what the patron has to do to complete the challenge 

  • Image: the patron uploads an image. This can be a photo or scanned drawing. 
  • Image and Text: the patron needs to add both an image and some kind of text-based response. 

  • Logging Quantity: these challenges are automatically calculated by the system based on how much patrons log. 

  • Secret Code: enter a secret code patrons need to enter in on their side in order to validate the challenge. Secret codes are case-sensitive. After you create a secret code challenge, you'll need to distribute the code to patrons at some point. 

  • Simple Confirmation: The patron clicks a button to verify they completed the required activity. 

  • Text: The patron enters text to complete the challenge. 

Completes After: This determines how many times a patron must complete the requirement to validate the challenge. You can require patrons to complete the requirement as many times as you wish in order for the challenge to be 'completed. 
Completed Description: This is the message that appears to patrons when they complete the challenge. It could be a message praising them, or provide further instructions for future challenges. 

The Save button will allow you to save the changes you have made to a challenge.  

Note: For more examples of challenges, see the How Can I Set Up Challenges in Wandoo Reader? article. 

Copy a Challenge

Copying an existing challenge allows program creators to quickly create a similar challenge without re-entering all of the original challenge's details. For instance, if you wanted a "Read 5 Books" challenge and a "Read 10 Books" challenge, you could create the "Read 5 Books" challenge and then copy it, changing only each 5 to a 10. Here is our example in practice:

Order Display To The Public 

Custom: Allows you to rearrange the challenges in the order the library would like it shown on the patron side, by drag and drop.  Left click and hold the challenge, then drag it to the place of order you would like and then unclick.  

Start Date (Newest to Oldest): This will put the challenges in order from newest to oldest by the Active On date.   

Start Date (Oldest to Newest): This will put the challenges in order from oldest to newest by the Active On date.  

Alphabetical By Title (A - Z): This will put the challenges in order by title from A to Z. 

Alphabetical By Title (Z - A): This will put the challenges in order by title from Z to A. 


Link Challenge 

Allows you to choose a prerequisite challenge or game level that will determine when this challenge is displayed to patrons.  

Another Challenge: Create a link to another challenge, so the patron will not see the challenge until they complete the challenge selected under Unlocks After 

Game Level Completion: Create a link to a specific game level the patron will have to complete, before the challenge can be completed. 



To edit an existing challenge, click the Edit button to the right of the challenge title. Editing a challenge will open the Create Challenge Modal.  



To delete an existing challenge, click the Delete button to the right of the challenge title.   


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