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Wandoo Reader Program Setup - Program Details Tab


Message: This section appears on the patron side of the program and tells patrons all about your program. Be sure to include any rules you may wish to set for the program or any links. You can use the text editor to format your message. To embed video in the message, use the small icon in the lower-left corner to show the source code. You can embed your video format of either HTML or Vimeo there. 




LogoThis is where you can upload your library logo. You can upload an image from your computer, from a URL, or from your already-loaded library of images. The ideal image size for this is 350 x 50 pixels. 

Theme Banner: You can upload any banner image you want. You can upload a banner image from your computer, from a URL, or from your already-loaded library of images. Ideal banner size is 1200 x 200 pixels. If you are a member of CSLP or iRead, and you want a list of URLs for those programs, please email Evanced Support, and we will send you a full list of URLs. For more information, please read this article.  You must confirm that you are a current CSLP or iRead member. 

Events XML FeedThis feed only supports XML feeds from Evanced SignUp or Events calendar products. 




Locations: This is a list of library branches for your system. If you subscribe to other Evanced products, this list will pre-populate with locations that are already entered into your database. To edit or delete a Location, visit the Settings Tab, and select Location Setup. 

Schools: This is a list of schools for your programs.  Add school names that you wish to track.  For programs set to require school name during registration under the Registration TabWandoo Reader requires at least one school name to be checked in order for the program to create a Program URL.  To edit or delete a School, visit the Settings Tab, and select Location Setup 

Note: Once you click save, the Program URL you give your patrons should appear at the top of the page on the Quick Tab. Take note of it, as that is the link you will want to disseminate to your patrons and link from your website. 

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