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Wandoo Reader Add Program - Quick Tab

From the Wandoo Reader menu, click Add Program. 



Quick Add 


Program Name 

Apply any name that best fits your program.  Names must be unique, however, so if you have previously used a program name like "Children's Program", try and add the year to the name to make it more unique.  Please keep in mind the longer the program name, the longer the Program URL will be. 

  • Good Examples: Adult Summer Reading 2015 or 2015 Children's Program 

  • Vague Examples: Adult Reading or Children's Program 

Note: This cannot be changed once the Program URL has been created. 


Program Theme 

Select a Program Theme from the drop list.  There are eight themes available for Wandoo Reader.  

Building: The Building Theme opens with our archeologist and scientist presented with a challenge. Learn from the designs of others and build a better world! Readers will travel together with the characters as they take lessons from history and today.

Imagine:  The Imagine theme encourages kids to tell their story.  The theme introduces kids to some of the different types of stories. 

Robots: The Robot Theme encourages kids to build their own robot as they solve the mystery of a robot who visits the library. 

Rock: The Rock Theme story line involves traveling to notable performance halls/arenas etc.  The characters are based off of musical instruments.

Simple: The Simple Theme does not have any built-in game/story elements. 

Sports:  The Sports Theme encourages kids to travel the universe and compete in several sporting events.  

Superheroes: The Superhero Theme encourages kids to discover their own super powers via reading.

Universe:  The Universe Theme introduces kids to some of the places in our solar system.   


New themes will be added periodically. For more information on themes, please refer to this article. 

Note: You can use the same theme for multiple programs. 

Program Themes can be changed after patrons have started registering for the program, but is highly not recommended after program has started. 


Program URL 

This is automatically generated by the system when you save your program for the first time, after all required fields have been completed.  


Program Info  


Program Start 

This is the day your program starts allowing patrons to log from the patron side.  Simply click on the calendar icon to switch between days, months, and years to pick the best date for your program to start.  

Note: It has to be before the end date, and on or after the registration start date. 


Program End 

This is the day your program stops calculating challenges for the patrons. However, patrons can continue logging after this date, but the program won't complete challenges for the patrons.   Simply click on the calendar icon to switch between days, months, and years to pick the best date for your program to end.  

Note: It has to be after the start date.   


Logging Type 


Select a Logging Type. 

NoteWandoo Reader only measures by Books, Minutes or Pages.  The custom quantity option allows you to customize the quantity tracked in your program.  If the no-logging option is selected, logging related actions will be disabled/removed from your program (i.e. add logs, character/story line themes, etc.).


Patron Logging Limit (only for Minutes and Pages Logging Type) 


This is where you can limit your patrons to how many minutes or pages they can enter per submission.  This can be set per program. 

Example: If the limits are set like the example above for minutes, and the patron tries to log 601 minutes, it will give them an error message.  In the second example above for logging type of pages, and the patron tries to log 1001 pages, it will give them an error message.  They will need to change their submission in order to submit their log.  

Note: The limit does not pertain to logging for patrons on the staff side.

Program Reading Goal

A program reading goal option will appear with any logging type.  (Books, Pages, Minutes, and Custom).  For more information on creating a community reading goal for your program visit the article here.

Enable Book Suggestions 

This is where you can enable or disable the book suggestion list on the patron, and can be set per program.  

Enable Book Reviews

This will turn on/off the book reviews feature for your program.




Library/Department Name, Contact Name, and Contact Email Address 

Library/Department name will appear in the registration confirmation email that goes out to patrons.  The contact name and email address are internal identifiers.  

Note: Each Program can have a different contact person.  

Custom Fields
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