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Brain HQ Login Widget

Please note that working with widgets requires basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. 

The attached zip file contains two examples of ways you can configure the BrainHQ widget for use on your website. One example is a "modal" version and the other example is an "iframe" version. If you have direct access to your website code, we encourage using the modal version. If you do not have direct access to insert code or your website builder makes use of iframes for widgets, use the iframe example as the modal version will often not work within an iframe.


To setup the Brain HQ login widget, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Download the attached zip file, and unzip all the contents into it's own folder.

2. Open the source code of the BrainHQModalExample.html or the BrainHQIframeExample.html file, depending on which type of widget you want to install.

3. Locate the text "Edit your site name here!!".  Replace 'http://yoursite.evanced.info/' with your site's main URL. Example: 'http://evanceddemo.evanced.info/'
    a. Make sure to leave the 'admin/BrainHQ/Login' after your site's main URL.
4. That's it!  This code can be loaded on it's own, or added into an existing HTML page to be styled to your individual organization's needs.
Please note that Evanced's support is limited to the functionality of the BrainHQ widget and the way it looks independently. Evanced does not provide support for installing the widget on your site, nor does it provide support for the widget's design after installation on your site.
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  • Summary: An overview of preparing the BrainHQ widget for installation on your library’s website.
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