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FAQ: How does Wandoo Reader relate to Summer Reader?

Q: How does Wandoo Reader relate to Summer Reader? Do I have to buy a new subscription? Will Summer Reader go away? What are the differences between Summer Reader and Wandoo Reader?

A: Wandoo Reader is the latest reading program platform from Demco Software. Rather than continue to update the original Summer Reader, we are creating a new program to accomplish the same goals.

Wandoo Reader can rightly be thought of as Summer Reader 2.0. It’s a completely new take on summer reading, employing all the lessons we’ve learned from a decade of helping libraries track and incentivize reading. 

Current subscribers of Summer Reader can switch to Wandoo Reader for no additional charge.  Keep in mind, there is no data migration from Summer Reader to Wandoo Reader, in part because of the episodic nature of Summer Reader. Program data didn’t persist from year to year in the classic product, so a move to Wandoo Reader will be a fresh start.  

Demco Software is committed to maintain and support Summer Reader at least through end of 2017, but we are convinced most libraries will want to change over to Wandoo Reader (aka Summer Reader 2.0!) sooner.  Please note, aside from necessary security updates, we are no longer adding new features to our classic Summer Reader product.  Instead, new enhancements will be added continually to Wandoo Reader.  

Libraries that access Summer Reader through a state agreement should contact their state representative for details about what their particular state is doing in regards to Wandoo Reader.

To inquire about a switch to Wandoo Reader, existing customers should contact Demco Software Support . They will walk you through the process and choose when will be the right time to switch over to the new system.

After the Spring update to Wandoo Reader, there won’t be any need to run both programs at the same time, though libraries interested in maintaining both products can talk to Demco Software Sales .

We encourage current Summer Reader customers to attend one of our upcoming Wandoo Reader Webinars to learn how the summer reading platforms differ and what a transition from our old to new software entails. 

Here is a fairly comprehensive chart on some of the main differences between Wandoo Reader and Summer Reader:

Feature Summer Reader Wandoo Reader
All Ages Programs  Yes Yes  
Logging Types Anything Books, Pages, Minutes 
Simple Setup No  Yes
Mobile Interface Mobile Redirect Responsive Website 
Display Event Feed Yes  Yes 
Prizes Yes  Yes 
Random Drawings Yes  Yes 
Certificates One Per Program  Unlimited Per Program 
Badge-Ability Difficult Easy 
Game Interface No Yes 
Social Media Sharing Facebook  Yes 
Mission System No  Yes 
Reviews Yes  Yes via Challenges 
Activity Tracking Yes, With Caveats  Yes 
ILS Authentication Yes  No 
CSS Customization Yes - Unsupported  No 
Language Customization Yes  No
Multi-Lingual  Yes  Yes 
Robust Reporting  Yes   Yes 
In-Library Registration/Logging  Yes   Yes 
Staff Role Permissions  Yes   General Roles 
Display Program Theme Banner  Yes   Yes 
Staff Dashboard  Yes   Yes 
Public Review Display  Yes   No, Uses Social Media Sharing 
Review Comments  Yes   No 
Family Registration  Yes   Yes 
Group Registration  Yes   Yes 
Display Useful Links Yes   Yes 
Lasting Patron Record  No  Yes 
Post Program Logging  No  Yes 
In-Program Email Service  Yes  No 
Customizable Notifications  Yes  Fixed Notifications 
Parental Opt-Out  No  Yes 
Full Parental Control  No  Yes 
Run Multiple Programs  Yes  Yes 
Custom Registration Form  Yes  Limited 




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