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Editing Catalog and Book Jacket URLs for past reviews

This tutorial will walk you through changing reviews after the Book Jacket and Catalog URLs have been changed.  If you are experiencing a problem with the Book Jacket and/or Catalog URLs, please refer to Catalog & Book Jacket URL.
If you have your Book Jacket and Catalog URLs working now, and you want to edit the reviews that were created prior to changing the URLs, go to the homepage of your staff side.  Once there, you will want to click on the reviews column corresponding with the program you want to change.  If you have multiple programs that have reviews needing change, you will have to follow these steps for every program.
Once you click on the reviews, click on Accepted if you have mediated reviews on, you will be taken to the reviews screen.  On the right hand side of the page, there is a paper and pencil
Click that for each review.  When the edit review screen opens up, you will want to click on "Load Default Catalog Info"  This will load in the URL Title, Catalog URL, and Book Jacket URL.  After you click that, click on Accept or Save and that review will now have the proper URLs.  If you are using one of the tags (Author, Title, ISBN) and patrons have not entered those fields in, you will have to either enter the field in, or not show the URLs for that review.  For example, if you had reviews set to just Title and Author, but decided to use ISBN in the URLs, you would have to enable the ISBN field in the review settings and manually enter the ISBN number for each review.  If you do not, then no book image will show and no clickable link will direct the patrons anywhere in that particular review box.  If you have them entering Title and Author prior to the edit and have the URLs use those two fields, everything should work correctly then.
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