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Understanding Template Style Sheets

You can load, edit, save, and export template style sheets in Summer Reader. You can access the Template Style Sheets from the System Maintenance menu. This section is not supported by Evanced Support.

Template Style Sheets control the look of every page in Summer Reader. Using CSS code, you can customize those pages to the needs of your library. If you are unfamiliar with CSS, please refer to this excellent resource.

Program Specific Style Sheets work the same way as Template Style Sheets, but apply only to existing programs.

To begin, pick an existing style sheet or add a new one.

Then choose the page you want to style

If you are adding a new template, be sure to enter a name for it.

You can then enter CSS code in the sections below. You can also choose from the following button options:

Displays help information
Saves the template changes
Deletes the template
See explanation below*
Exports your template in a .txt file
Previews the changes you've made

*Loading a template works as follows:
1. Be sure to have entered a name for the template.
2. Choose the source of the template. Factory means the default template Evanced provides. Program copies templates from existing programs. Templates copies templates that either Evanced provides or that you've uploaded.
3. Choose to load either all pages or just a selected page template.

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