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Understanding Event Attendance

The Event Attendance sheet is an important tool for tracking and contacting patrons. Event Attendance can be accessed from the Event System Maintenance page. Accessing the page from there will first send you to the Event Calendar where you can select the appropriate event session you wish to view.

Event Attendance can also be accessed via the Event Registration page.

Along the top of the sheet, there are five boxes.

Back to Maintenance Page
Return to the Event System Maintenance page.
Edit Event
Edit the selected event.
View Another Attendance Sheet
Choose another event to view in this mode.
Export to Excel
This option takes the data on the page and sends it to an Excel document
Export to CSV
This option takes the data on the page and sends it to a "Comma Separated Values" document.

Below the buttons at the top, you can see the event information

Below that level is the Statistics Entry box. Depending on your preset criteria, this will allow you to enter numeric data about the number of attendees. Again, depending on preset fields, you can enter how many people attended the event as a whole, as well as breakdowns by any designation you decided when adding the event.

Remember to click the Save Attendance button after entering data.

If anyone has registered for the event, their data will appear below. The system will alert you if there are no registered attenders. Below is a photo of what you will see if anyone has registered for the event.

Along the top, there are four classifications under which those who are registered can fall.
The main list of registered attenders
The waiting list for those who registered after the event was filled
Payment Waiting
Registered attenders who have not paid for the event
Those who have canceled their registration.

You have the following options for dealing with those who have registered:

Move the person to the waiting or payment lists
View or edit the registered person's information
Send an email to all registered people
Cancel (with check box)
Cancel all checked registrations.
Transfer a registration from one event to another. This will move the user out of the current event and register him or her for a different event.
Copy All
Copy all the registration information for all those registered to a different event. This does not remove them from the current event.
Update Notes
Save any notes written in the corresponding text boxes.

Along the bottom, there are six buttons. These are the same as the buttons on the top of the page with one exception. The Register button takes you to the Registration page for the event.

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