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Understanding System Settings

System Settings control many of the general rules for Summer Reader. You can access this page from the System Maintenance page.

Basic settings for the program.
Library Name
Name the Library
Home Page
Enter the URL of the library home page
Library Contact Email Address
Enter the contact email address for the library.
Allow Prize Cancellation
Allow staff to cancel prizes
List Mouse-Overs
Some areas in staff-side maintenance display mouse-over information in the list results such as Program Management, Reviews Management and Patron Registration.
Program Activity Days
How many days of activity should appear on the program management page. 0 will display all summary information.
Data Records/Page
How many records show up per page on the staff side
Report Records/Page
When running reports, how many records appear on each page.

Sets settings for the patron home page
Home Page Setup
How are the multiple programs listed? Via tabs, Drop-Down List, or HTML Links?
Tab Type
Rounded or Squared tabs (purely aesthetic)
Tabs/Row How many tabs appear in each tab row?
Prize Scrolling on Home page
Does the prize message on the home page scroll or is it static? Valid only when prizes are enabled.
Prize Scroll Speed
How fast does the message scroll? (on a scale of 1-10...10 is fastest)

Controls date and time settings for the system
Set your language and country
Date Format
Day, month, year, or month, day, year format
Time Zone
Set your time zone
Observe Daylight Savings Time
Choose and configure Daylight Savings Time settings (if yes is selected, more options appear).

Set rules to govern patron registration
International Field Entry
Allows for non-standard phone number and zip code entry
Library Card Length
Set the number of characters in the library card length
Password Length
Set Password length limits
Patron Recall Limit
Limit the number of times in one visit a patron can recall his or her registration information. Applies only to patron-side registration.
Program-Specific Custom Registration Entries
Allows for the creation of up to six custom registration questions per program.
Start Birth Year
Set the first birth year for the drop down list.

Controls the settings that govern patron book reviews
Default Catalog URL Title
Set a default book title for the Catalog URL line on patron reviews
Default Catalog URL
Set a default URL for the Catalog URL line on patron reviews
Default Book Jacket URL
Set a default URL for the book jacket line on patron URLs.
Populate Catalog URLs Automatically
If yes, the catalog URL is automatically supplied based on the ISBN number entered by the patron. If no, patrons can enter their own catalog URL if they wish.
Go to Next Review/Comment After Disposition
When mediating reviews and comments, the subsequent one is automatically brought up once one is dealt with.
Review Paging
Sets a limit to the number of reviews and links per page. If yes, more options appear
Save Private Reviews
Saves reviews that patrons mark as private
Private\Public Question Default
Controls the default selection if reviews are enabled as part of logging. All reviews from the home page are public.

Security Settings: for a complete discussion of security settings, please read this article.

Mobile Maximum Length
Set to limit the number of characters on long text fields on mobile pages.
Enable Novelist Select
Enables the Novelist service to be selected.

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