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Understanding Reviews and Comments

Summer Reader can give patrons the opportunity to review the books they read and interact with the reviews of other patrons. This can be a fun way for patrons to exchange views and opinions about books.

This article will help walk you through the process of enabling and managing the review and commenting process.

The first step is to enable reviews in the program. Edit the program in question. You can edit a program either from the Staff Home Page or from the System Maintenance page.

Head to the section called Reviews Settings.

Patron Reviews
You can choose to have Reviews show up as on the patron log page or to be entered independently on the patron home page. Enabling reviews reveals the rest of this menu.
Separate Entry For Reviews
If you do enable reviews as part of the log page, you can choose to combine them with the log or have them entered separately. This option only appears if you check Log Page Entry above.
Patron's Access to Their Reviews
Decide if patrons are allowed to view or edit their own reviews.
Reading List
Allows patrons to create and print a reading list. This option is only applicable when a book's title, author, or ISBN is collected with a review.
Mediated Reviews
Because reviews are public, mediated reviews requires a staff member to approve what a patron writes before it is made public.
Anonymous Reviews
If home page reviews are selected, this setting allows users to input reviews without logging in first.
Rate Reviews
Allows patrons to rate one-another's reviews. The language of the message explaining the process is editable.
Review Comments
This setting allows patrons to comment on one-another's reviews
Mediated Comments
This allows a staff member to review comments before they are posted to patron's pages
Email Offensive Comments To
Set an email address where offensive comments can be sent to for tracking.
Anonymous Comments
Allows patrons to comment on reviews without logging in.

Once reviews and comments have been configured, you'll need to track them. On the Staff Home Page you can see a tally of all comments and reviews, as well as how many are pending.

If you click on the pending review, you can read them all and choose to accept, deny, delete, or edit them. You can search reviews as well by name, email address, or library of the patron. You can also search by book title, author, review, genre, ISBN, rating or date.

Also from the Staff Home Page, you will see a notice of any offensive comments. If you click View, you can choose to delete or edit them.

You can also access reviews and comments from the System Maintenance page. Select Reviews\Comments under the Manage tab. You can manage Private, Pending, Denied and Accepted Reviews and Comments.

To configure the viewable columns on the Reviews Maintenance page, go to the Reviews Maintenance Setup page.
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