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How to Setup or Edit a Program

To setup a new Summer Reader reading program, click Add Program from the System Maintenance page.

To edit an existing Summer Reader reading program, click the setup icon () from the Staff Home page, or click Edit Program from the System Maintenance page.

If you are editing an existing program, you'll see a row of buttons along the top of the page. If you are adding a new program these don't appear.

Saves changes
Exports the program to a.txt file
Language\Text Setup
Allows for the configuration of other languages
Registration Setup
Sets Registration Fields
Logging Setup
Sets up logging
Delete All Program Records
Wipes the program records for reuse
Delete All Program Records (including Patrons)
Wipes out the records including the patron information for reuse
Copy Program
Copies program information to a new program that can then be changed/edited

General Settings

If the program is active it remains available to patrons even if logging and registration is not currently enabled. If the program is not active it is no longer available to patrons.
Program Contact Name
Who is the person in charge of managing this program?
Program Contact Email Address
What is their email address?

Text Settings

Program Name
The name Patrons see as the title of the program
The abbreviation that appears on the Staff Home page
Tell about the program
Eligibility Requirement Text
Tell who can register for this program
Instructional Text
Instructions for the logging process.

Registration Settings

Patron Registration
Will there be registration for the program?
Registration Start Date
When does registration begin?
Registration End Date
When does registration close?
Registration Type
Allow for group or individual registration or both.
Login Type
Do patrons login using their name or library card number? Note that if there are duplicate library card numbers, registration must be done by name.
Authentication Type
Are patrons required to use their library card to complete registration?
Eligibility Requirement
How are eligibility requirements set? By age, grade, or some other classification. Eligibility requirements can be turned off.
Family Registration
Are families allowed to register together?
Member Program Exclusion
When a new member is added, does this program appear in the list
Quick Registration
Allows patrons to register by providing only minimal information
Staff Registration Option
Are staff members required to fill out all required registration fields? If Override is selected, staff members can register patrons with only a first and last name.
Auto User Name/Password Generation
If login is done by user name, Auto User Name and Password will create a username by combining the user's first and last names. The password will be the user name and a random three digit number.
Parental Consent
If enabled, creates a check box indicating parental consent to join the program has been given. The language can be customized.
Facebook Integration
Enables Facebook integration

Logging, Reviews, and Home Page Settings

Patron Logging
Allows patrons to track their on progress when enabled.
Allow Log Date Entry
Dates can be enter manually when enabled. When set to no, the date is entered automatically
Log Start Date
On what date can logging begin?
Log End Date
On what date does logging close?
Patron Reviews
If enabled, are patron reviews tied to the log page or the home page?
Log Out Destination URL
When a patron logs out, what page are they redirected to?
Allow Patrons to Print Certificates
Certificates are 'awards' given to registrants upon completion of goals. This option allows them to print them out on their own.
# of Reviews on Home page
How many reviews show up on the patron home page at once?
Reviews Displayed By
Are reviews displayed randomly or by the most recent?
RSS Options
Gives patrons the option to put self-updating feeds into their feed reader.
XML Events Feed
Shows the Events XML feed on the home page. For use with Evanced Events Program

Primary Log and Prize Settings:

Primary Logging Type
What is the primary measure of progress in the program (typically number of books, hours, pages, ect.)
Patron Logging Restriction
Sets limits for the quantity of units a patron can log either per day, per a set amount of time, or for the program. If Yes is checked, new menu options appear that allow you set the limits.
Program Goal
Sets the primary goal for the program
Patron Goal
If enabled, patrons have the option of supplying their own goals.
Primary Prize Settings
If prizes are enabled, a new set of options appear.
Secondary Logging Type
Set the secondary unit of measure of progress for the program.
Patron Logging Restriction
Sets limits for the quantity of units a patron can log either per day, per a set amount of time, or for the program. If Yes is checked, new menu options appear that allow you set the limits.
Program Goal
Sets the secondary program goal
Patron Goal
If enabled, allows patrons to set their own secondary goal
Prizes If prizes AND a secondary goal are enabled, a new set of options appear
Registration Prize
Select yes to enable a prize just for registering for the program. Selecting yes allows you to configure a prize message.

Don't forget to save all information entered!

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