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Understanding the Summer Reader System Maintenance Page

For staff, almost all functions in Summer Reader can be run from the System Maintenance page. From this page you create your custom reading program, styling it and managing according to your unique tastes and needs.

Programs helps you create the actual reading tracking program you wish to implement.
Add Program
Allows you to create a new reading tracking program
Edit Program
Allows you to edit an existing reading program
Import an existing program template from a .txt file
Inactive Programs
If you have any programs that are no longer in use, you can find them here.

This menu allows you configure basics that can apply to all programs.
Drop Lists
Controls what options appear in various drop lists
Logging Types
Creates categories that can be used for readers to track their progress
Registration Defaults
Set the default answers that appear during registration. This is information Patrons can change. These are only defaults.
Set Program Order
Set the order in which programs appear on the patron home page
Script Entry
Use script entry for enter java script code that affects the patron-side web pages. An example of this would be Google Analytics

Each program page can be customized with links and messages.
Program Links
Set up and control the list of links displayed in each program
Program Messages
Control the messages that appear to participants in the Messages section on the patron home page.

Common areas that need regular staff attention.
Controls and mediates patron reviews and interactions
Random Drawings
Conduct random drawings
Patron Information
Find and edit patron information

In the middle of the page there is a search box from which you can quick search for patrons by name, custom or advanced criteria.

Set basic rules for the overall system
System Settings
Contains various customizable options for the whole system
Language\Text Setup
Controls the language of specific system messages to patrons
Prize Setup
Add prize names and descriptions
Quick Search Setup
Customize the fields that appear in the Quick Search boxes
Staff Home Page Setup
Controls the fields displayed on the Staff Home Page.
Reviews Maintenance Setup
Controls the fields displayed on the Reviews Maintenance page
Certificate Setup
Customize the certificates patrons can earn
Authentication Setup
Set up the way patrons are verified by the system

Set passwords for each security level
The lowest level of security; has access to basic functions only.
Customizable access
Customizable access
The highest level of security; has access to all functions

Controls settings for emails sent from the system
Email Setup
Technical information and email configuration
System-Wide Email Templates
Controls the text of emails that affect the whole system
Program-Specific Email Templates
Controls the text of emails that affect only individual programs

Setup the templates from which programs will be built
Export Templates
Chose an existing template to export
Import Templates
Import a template from a .txt file
Page Editor
Change the configuration of the patron home page
Template Style Sheets
Edit the CSS for the program templates
Program-Specific Style Sheets
Edit the CSS for specific program pages

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Comment by Nate on Tue, Mar 13th, 2012 at 2:59 PM
We‘ve gone away from print manuals in favor of more online training.
Comment by Lorie Brown on Fri, Mar 9th, 2012 at 3:30 PM
PLEASE, PLEASE tell me that you‘ve got a PDF/MS Word version of the manual somewhere!?Reading the KB, trying to make notes for a training of other librarians and test in an instrance is NUTS! I‘m so frustrated trying to create a training for my member librarians. Please tell me you actually have a print manual somewhere! My training is NEXT Friday and reviewing stuff this way is just not working well.
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