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How do I add text to the landing page?

Q: I'm trying to add text onto my landing page (i.e. saying we don't start until June) and was wondering where I go for that on the editing side? I can tell that the program-specific style sheets are mainly CSS coding and inputting HTML code does not work (or I'm putting it in the wrong spot). Is there some place I can change/add this or is there another type of coding I want to use for this?

A: "Language\Text Setup" is used to add or edit text that appears on the patron pages. From "System Maintenance" it is in the "System Setup" group.

Select a language that is used by your program (English is default) and do a browser text search for the word "Landing". You will find three occurrences.


SubtitleText_LandingPage = ""
SubtitleTextPatron_LandingPage = ""
PageHeader_LandingPage = "Program Home Page"

These are language variables and you can edit the text between the double quotes. This can include text and simple HTML code.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not add double quotes inside the text. The only double quotes should be on the outside of the text. To add a double quote in your text use """.

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