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Understanding the Add/Edit/Archive page

The Add/Edit/Archive page can be accessed from the Event System Maintenance Page.

The Add/Edit/Archive page gives you access to the events that you've created, while also allowing you to create new events and archive old events.

Starting on the left hand side, you can see the Search/Filter Tool. This tool allows you to quickly find events that have already been entered in to the system. The following filters are available:

Event Type
Event Types are predefined classifications for events. They allow you to group similar events together using a common descriptor such as Children's Events, Adult Education Events, Teen Events, ect.
This allows you to find all events that begin after a specific date.
This allows you to find all events that begin before a specific date.
Published Events
This allows you to find events that have been made public within the system.
Unpublished Events
This allows you to find events that have not been only partially entered into the system or that have not been approved to be made public within the system.
Show Ongoing Events
Some events do not require registration and are largely for informational purposes. An example would be "Black History Month". This filter allows you to include them in your search.
Combine Recurring Events
This allows you to combine all meetings of a single event into one record. For example, a weekly poetry reading that lasts 16 weeks would appear as a single event, rather than 16 separate ones.
Search for events based on a specific word or phrase.

Moving to the right, you see the following buttons (click on the link for more information):
Archived Checked Event
Archiving is a way to remove events from the active system without permanently deleting them from your records. This can help your system operate more efficiently.
Add New Event
Add a new event to the system.
Bulk Publish
Approve multiple events to be made public within the system.
Bulk Archive
Archive multiple events at once to save time.

Below the buttons, you'll see a series of boxes with existing events. Each box contains the record of an existing of an existing event. Within each box, you have a variety of options, as well as information about each event. Note: the order of the buttons is slightly different depending on whether an event is a Single Occurrence or a Recurring Event. Refer to photo above to see the difference. Click the links below for more information.

Archive (check box)
Checking this box prepares the event to be Archived.
Edit Single or Edit Recurring
This allows you to change the event information.
Copy Single or Copy Recurring
This allows you copy the information from a current event and use it to create a new event with the same or similar information.
Deletes the event. Note that reoccurring events cannot be directly deleted. They must be archived and deleted from the View Archive page.
Attendance Stats
This allows you view or change information about how many and who attended the event.
This allows you to enter registration information for patrons or staff.

For recurring events, there is a list of dates on which each individual session will take place. Clicking on those dates gives you the ability to edit the information for specific sessions of a recurring event.
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