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Summer Reader - System Settings

Summer Reader System Settings

Security Maintenance

Note: It is highly recommended that the Evanced default passwords are changed immediately upon purchasing this system.

Basic Security

Administrators may modify the four password/login levels from here. The four submenus here are:

  • Administrator Login Maintenance
  • Staff Login Maintenance
  • Basic Login Maintenance
  • Volunteer Login Maintenance

For any of the password/login levels, follow these instructions:

1. Enter the Administrator password

2. Enter then the new password

3. Re-enter the new password

4. Click on the Save button.

Advanced Security

This feature allows Summer Reader administrators to create and maintain user-based security. This feature assists in creating an audit trail to track the last changes made and by whom in Summer Reader.

Process to Activating Advanced SecurityTo set up Advanced Security, the Administrator must be logged in. System Settings > Security > Advanced > Click YES > Click Save You will be Automatically Logged Off and redirected to the following page:

-Insert PIC-

The first time an administrator logs in, the administrator username is admin, the password is the same password used to log in previously. The same is true for the other group-level accounts.

Important Note: After enabling Advanced Security, four new users are created and assigned default permissions (or roles). The new users are ‘Admin’, ‘Staff’, ‘Basic’, and ‘Volunteer’. By default, the new users’ permission settings (roles) are set to mimic the access levels provided to users logging in with their group-level passwords. The four new users created have the same names (‘Admin’, ‘Staff’, ‘Basic’, and ‘Volunteer’) and the passwords for the user accounts are initially set to the group-level passwords. This enables staff to continue to log in normally while new security roles are being set up.

If email is enabled in Email Setup and the user is configured with an email address, a link appears on the login page that allows the user to enter their email address and the application sends out an email to the staff member with their password.

Upon logging in again, administrators have a new setting - Security Setup – the setting can be found under System Setup.

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Comment by Nate Dunlevy on Thu, Feb 28th, 2013 at 10:08 AM
Thanks for your question on the knowledgebase. If you click on Security Setup on the System Maintenance page, you
Comment by Linda Williams on Thu, Feb 28th, 2013 at 9:44 AM
But how do you know, or change, what each level can do? Once you
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