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Summer Reader - Random Drawings

Random Drawing is an option to award prizes bases on specified criteria defined at the library. The library has the option to process a Random Drawing either for all active programs or program specific. You can access the Random Drawing page from the Staff Home page. To access a drawing for a specific program, click on the program name, then click the drawing button.

At the top of the Random Drawing Page, there are buttons:
Opens help information
Tests to make sure settings are valid
Draw Names
Executes the drawing
View Drawings
Shows past drawings results
Template (Drop down menu)
Loads previously saved Templates
Save Template
Saves current entries as a template for future drawings.

Drawing Name
Title the drawing
Number of Winners
How many patrons are getting prizes
Include Previous Winner(s) (check box)
Are previous winners eligible for this drawing?

Registration Type
Draw from groups, individuals, or both
Run male or female specific drawings
Run the drawing based on an age range
Run grade specific drawings
Patron Classification
Run the drawing based on preset patron classifications
School Name
Run by school name
Primary Library
Run by Primary Library
Custom Field
Custom fields can be set for other registration criteria

Set minimums and maximums for inclusion in the drawing
Log Date Range
Award prizes based on certain logging dates
Weighting Option
Give additional entry strength for those with more primary log units. In other words, the more one reads, the more likely they are to win.

 And/Or "And" includes review settings with the log settings. "Or" factors in reviews settings separately.
Set a minimum and maximum number of reviews necessary for the filter. NOTE: the system only counts PUBLIC and ACCEPTED reviews toward the total!
Review Date Range
Filter the drawing by date range
Weighing Option
Give additional entry strength to those with more reviews. In other words, the more reviews one posts, the better their chance to win.

Once the filters have been set, run the drawing.

The results will appear on the next screen.

awards the prize to the patron.

cancels the result of the drawing.

Once a prize has been awarded, you can manage it from the Prize Management page.
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