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Summer Reader Minor Revision Upgrade

Version:      Applies to version 7 and newer of the Summer Reader software
Downtime:     Minimal. The time between copying the web files and running the ASP update script may generate page load errors.
Access Level: Admin level access on the web and/or database server.

Please remember that the Evanced Support Department is always willing to help or even perform the update for you, so if you have any hesitations about performing the update yourself please contact us at support@evancedsolutions.com to schedule your update. If you intend on performing the update yourself, send us an email requesting the download links and passwords.

Note: This procedure applies only to a minor version update. A minor version is a version difference 
      between the existing application and the new application that has the same whole number. 
      That is, 7.1 to 7.9 would be a minor version update. 7.9 to 8.1 would be a major version update 
      and requires a different procedure.

When updating a Summer Reader system:

  • The data and web files need to be backed up.
  • The update files need to be downloaded and installed.

The following describes how to accomplish the steps required in the update process. Please read through all of the steps before starting the transfer.

Backing up the data and web folders:

  1. Backing up Database files.
    • The database can be stored on any drive and in one of several locations. Again the databases are determined by which Evanced products are installed and how they were named. Typical folder names are: 'SR', 'Autoemail' and 'Obit' or 'Genealogy'. Locate the database files by looking for the product folders in one of these possible locations.
      • "C:\MySQL\Data\" or "D:\MySQL\Data"
      • "C:\MySQL5\Data\" or "D:\MySQL5\Data"
      • "C:\Program Files\MySQL Server\MySQL5\Data\" or "D:\Program Files\MySQL Server\MySQL5\Data"
    • Once located, evaluate the files under the product folder to determine if they have been recently modified to be sure you are looking at the current database folders. Any database that are in use should have some files that have a current modified date. If the file dates are all in the past then this is probably a backup folder.
    • Once you have located all of the current folders copy them by right-clicking on them and choosing copy then clicking in the white space of the same folder area and right-clicking and choosing paste. This should create a "Copy of ..." folder for each folder. This is done so that the original database files can be left intact in case of a mistake later on.
  2. Backing up Web files.
    • The web files are typically located in the root web path under an 'Evanced' folder. Events and Rooms both exist under the same folder, typically 'lib', Summer Reader is typically under 'SR' and Genealogy is under 'Obit' or Genealogy'. So a standard installation would have the product folders located in "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\evanced". Check with your IT group if they are not in this default location.
    • Copy the entire "sr" folder under the "evanced" folder by right-clicking on it and choosing 'copy'. Then paste it in the same location by right-clicking on the white space and choosing 'paste'. This should create a "copy of sr" folder under the "evanced" folder.

Update to the newest minor revision:

  1. Use the links sent from Evanced and save the "Upgrade srvXX.zip" file (where XX is the product version) to the evanced web folder.
  2. Unzip the "Upgrade srvXX.zip" file to the evanced\sr folder. Be sure to check the box for "Use folder names and select Yes for "Overwrite all files."
  3. Open Internet Explorer/Firefox/Google Chrome on this machine and enter "localhost/evanced/sr/upgradevX.asp" in the address bar (X is the product version) and click on Yes to run the upgrade script. When complete click OK.
  4. Test the site by entering "localhost/evanced/sr/maintenance.asp" in the address bar. If login screen does not appear then there were problems with the update. Please review the previous steps and/or contact support@evancedsolutions.com.

Now you can test your system. Again please contact support@evancedsolutions.com if you have any questions, problems or just would like us to perform the installation for you.

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