D!BS Version History Notes

The following is a list of feature enhancements and bug fixes that have been released for D!BS. All customers using D!BS are automatically upgraded to the latest version. For more information about D!BS, please check our website

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Bug Fixes:


Bug Fixes:


Bug Fixes:


Bug Fix: 


Bug Fix: 


Bug Fix: 










Bug Fix:




Bug Fix:


Bug Fix:




Bug Fix:

Enhancement: Added Full Story analytics integration
Bug Fix:  Space ID is always used now instead of Space Name when conflict checking and enforcing reservation limits
 Bug Fix:  Resolved III authentication expiration date issue


Feature/Enhancement: Email verification workflow changes.

Highlights towards above are:

Enhancement: Updated style for the loading spinner.

Bug Fix: Patron Hold Check for expired cards issue resolved for the III (patron api) method.

Bug Fix: Repaired issue with the "enable multi-branch" setting on the back end.



Bug Fix: SIP Authentication PIN not required displaying PIN field issue resolved.  PIN field will now respect the setting.



Feature:  Permissions Update!  Granular permissions have now been created.  Admin users can create now custom security roles.  For more information on what permissions have been created visit this article.


10/15/2015 "15_12 & 15_13"

Enhancement:  L-Dap configuration change for new D!bs customer

Enhancement:  Shibboleth configuration for a new D!bs customer

Bug Fix:  Style issue addressed on the reservation list page.


09/09/2015 "15_11"

Enhancement:  Added a setting to auto update records against the ILS records when using authentication.  (The setting is enabled by default.  If you would like your site to have this option disabled, please contact the support team here. )

Enhancement:  Staff side user names were case sensitive.  They are no longer.  The password field remains case sensitive.

Enhancement:  Added a setting to determine when a reservation becomes inactive.  If this is not set, then by default the reservation is considered inactive.  This setting compliments room reservation restrictions.  (The setting is disabled by default.  If you would like your site to have this option enabled, please contact the support team here. )

Bug Fix:  Corrected issue with SIP authentication method with the middle initial field.

Bug Fix: LDAP cutting off the first letter in the first name in certain configurations.  (Please note this was hot fixed into production on 08/21/2015)




08/19/2015 "15_10"

Security Update

07/29/2015 "15_09"

Feature:  New Color Schemes.  Green/Gold, Almost Black, and Purple.

Feature:  Additional LDAP configuration updates.

Bug Fix:  Fixed data save issue when connected to a MySQL database.

Bug Fix:  Reservation issue with an alternate closing time.

Bug Fix: Patron Authentication was retained after logging into the staff side on the reservation form.  It now is corrected.


4/14/2015 "15_04 & 05"


3/17/2015 "15_03"

2/18/2015 "15_02"

2/5/2015 "15_01"

12/30/2014 "14_20", "14_21", "14_22", and "14_23"

12/8/2014 "14_18" and "14_19"

10/15/2014 "14_17"

9/24/2014 "14-16"

9/10/2014 "14_15"

8/27/2014 "14_14"

6/13/2014 "14_10"

6/4/2014 "14_09"

5/22/2014 "14_08_H"

5/08/2014 "14_07_G"

4/29/2014 "14_06 F"

4/17/2014 "14_05 E"

4/10/2014 "14_04 D"

3/27/2014 "14_02 B and 14_03 C"

2/28/2014 "14_01 A"

2/5/2014 "Zero to Sixty"
1/17/2014 "Yerma"

12/17/2013 "Wrinkle in Time"

11/6/2013 "Spycatcher"

10/16/2013 "Running Loose"

10/10/2013 "Quarantine"


10/3/2013 "Ordinary People" and "Pillars of the Earth"

9/25/2013 "Naked Lunch"

9/10/2013 "Mountain Wreath"

08/20/2013 "The Summer Classics"*

*This build encompasses four iterations: "Great Gatsby", "Heart of Darkness", "In Our Time" and "To Kill a Mockingbird".

07/17/2013 "Fountainhead"

  • 508 compliance for D!bs has been added
  • LDAP authentication has been added
  • A bug involving the way the patron view renders in Chrome has been resolved.


06/14/2013 "East of Eden"
  • The ability to close rooms has been added

5/22/2013 "Catcher in the Rye" and "Davinci Code"
  • Single router authentication was added.
  • A room utilization report was added.
  • A room usage report was added.
  • Chinese language option is now live.
  • Options for Australian and New Zealand regional settings were added.
  • The work flow for QR codes has been improved.
  • Cancelling a reservation returns the user to the page they were on.
  • The building page is skipped for single-building situations.
  • A bug fix for reservations over 8 hours was added.

5/2/2013 "Brave New World"
  • D!bs has been changed to D!bs
  • Default search results have been updated.
  • QR code workflow: Time page auto scroll is fixed
  • Cancelling a reservation leaves you on the page you were on
  • White space before or after text is ignored when a reservation is submitted.
  • Typos corrected in error messaging.

4/3/2013 "A Farewell to Arms"
  • Fixed phone number autoformat on the patron display.
  • Returned the 'ghost text' to the fields when viewed in IE.
  • Fixed a navigation error when logged into the admin view of the Dibs home page.
  • Fixed a display error involving the Dibs logo.
  • Restored custom logo functionality.
  • Fixed an error involving an apostrophe in a patron's first or last name.
  • Fixed display error generated by editing a patron in the Find Patron workflow.
  • An "in progress" notification was added to alert users the system is working.
  • An administrative "Find Patron" page was added. Now patrons can be searched for on the staff side.
  • An administrative "Reservation List" page was added. Now staff can locate reservations on the staff side.
  • Fixed error caused by a room open until Midnight, but closed the next day.
  • Fixed display errors caused by extended character set.


  • A public API was added. Also dotNet consumption is now supported.
  • Phone number parsing was fixed.
  • There was a Clickatell IP change
  • An HTML anti-forgery token was added

  • An error page was added to display in the event of a .net error.
  • Fixed an error caused by the QR code workflow in the event of no available time slots.
  • Created a bread crumb trail and home icon when using QR Code.
  • When moving over unavailable buildings, the cursor changes to a hand.
  • A confirmation page appears if an image fails to load.
  • Error messaging on the registration page is now more consistent.
  • Incorrect Error Message has been added in Spanish.
  • The cancellation process has been fully translated to Spanish.
  • The Spanish confirmation email has been translated.
  • Text messaging confirmation has been activated for Spanish.
  • The primary feature is a new administrative page to allow you to view and cancel reservations.
    • The administrative link is: http://(yourlibrary).evanced.info
    • The "View Activity” button will take you to the reservation list which has a cancel link in it.
    • The "System Settings” button is not functional yet and will be updated in an upcoming release.
    • For now there is only one admin account. Future updates will include the ability to add accounts and change passwords.
  • One very big change. Your URL has changed.
    • Was: http://yourlibrary.evanced.info is now: http://yourlibrary.evanced.info/dibs
    • This was done in order to allow us to begin building the admin functions for Dibs. Your original link will be your link to the admin pages once they are operational.
  • There is a new setting that will allow customers with only 1 building to skip the building selection page. Let us know if you would like this enabled.
  • There are 6 selectable color themes. Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue and Red. Let us know if you would like your site changed to a different color theme.
  • A custom header can now be added to your site. The image needs to be 106 pixels tall. If the width is narrower than the screen then the background color (white) will be shown.
  • The QR code workflow was changed to allow a user to get back to the main selection screen (select new room) instead of being forced to use that room.
  • An invalid room ID defaults to the main page.
  • A new setting to restrict reservations made for the same time has been added. Let us know if you want this enabled.
  • Significant load time improvement and the splash screen was updated.
  • The length of a reservation selection (currently 1, 2, 3 or 4) can be configured. Let us know if you want this changed on your site.
  • Phone number entry now formats the data into a 10-digit number regardless of what was entered.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Start a reservation with QR Codes. (Help for setting up QR codes can be found here)
  • URLs are based on unique IDs associated with the rooms.
  • The ability to add images and descriptions for rooms and buildings.
  • The addition of System limits for reservations.The ability to handle configurable room sizes (1-4, 5-8, etc.)
    • Maximum number of days in the future a reservation can be made.
    • Maximum number of reservations a user can make.
    • Maximum number of reservations a user can make per date.
    • Maximum number of reservations a user can make per room per date.
  • Handling of specific errors in the web service and the mobile application.
  • All buildings show (disabled if no times are available) all the time.
  • Other minor bugs and style corrections.

Feature/Enhancement: Email verification workflow changes.

Highlights are:
1. The window verification will be extended to 72 hours. 

2. If a patron is registered with a non-verified email, the confirmation message will instruct them to look for the email.  This will occur for both staff and patron side registrations. 

3.  Non Verified emails will display as red when viewing the find patron page.  Verified emails will display in green. 

4.  Users with Edit Patron permissions, will have the ability to resend the verification email if the link has expired. 

5.  Patrons would have the ability to request a new link via their email if the link has expired.  

6. A styled email that makes it more intuitive for the patron.  

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