Wandoo Reader 2017

Wandoo Reader has several new features and enhancements in 2017. Be sure to check out the version history notes for a full list of enhancements and bug fixes.

  • New 2017 Building theme will be added to the list of available themes
    • The latest theme for Wandoo Reader is an adventure through time and space. We've blended some of the wonders from antiquity and modern wonders into the story line and levels. The "building" theme opens with our archeologist and scientist presented with a challenge. Learn from the designs of others and build a better world! Readers will travel together with the characters as they take lessons from history and today. The first stop is a visit to Stonehenge to survey the works of ancient architects. The next stop is the Ancient Pyramids of Giza where readers may even catch a glimpse the Sphynx. After exploring, adventurers will stop by a wonder that is rumored to be visible from space, the Great Wall of China! Armed with more knowledge they will move on to the Gardens of Babylon to see how nature can be incorporated into a better world. A trip through history would not be complete without a visit to ancient Alexandria to see their magnificent lighthouse, but more importantly their fantastic library! After studying all the ancient scrolls and books found there, we’ll stop by India to see the construction of the Taj Mahal. Setting a course for the present in the time machine, readers will come upon the wonder of modern skyscrapers! Adventurers will then connect with their Information Age friends, Cyber and Pixel, to share what they have learned. Together they’ll create a plan for a better world for tomorrow. With blueprints in hand, readers will journey to space to discover the best place to build their new world.
  • New Family Management
    • Allows parents/guardians to manage multiple children's accounts
  • Program End Date is now respected
    • Programs will now respect their end dates and not allow patrons to add logs, complete challenges, or become eligible for prizes
      • Logging can still be completed via the staff side for programs which have ended
  • Birth date is now optional when a patron registers
    • If a program utilizes the "Birthdate Range" option, a patron will still be required to enter a birth date 
  • Prizes
    • New Prize Images
      • Prizes can have images associated with them similar to how you can associate an image with a Challenge
      • Prize images can be used for a "badging" kind of system
    • New "Copy" functionality
      • Allows for prizes to be copied for quick creation of similar prizes
  • Challenges
    • New "Copy" functionality
      • Allows for prizes to be copied for quick creation of similar challenges
  • Find Patron enhancements
    • Page title changed from "Patron Search" to "Find Patron" for consistency across products
    • Added "50" option to "Results per Page" - defaults to "25"
    • New Collapsible search filter area which allows a user to see more patron records in the window at a time
  • New Staff-side multiple entry logging
    • Staff can more easily add multiple entries when entering logs on behalf of a patron which speeds up this workflow
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  • Summary: What’s new in Wandoo Reader 2017?
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