eCommerce Setup Instructions for SignUp and Spaces

This article will walk you through the basic process of setting up the Patron Only access for eCommerce for SignUp and Spaces.  If you would like more information on fees and other information click here:

1.  Contact Sales to purchase the eCommerce add-on. Please specify whether you need eCommerce for SignUp, Spaces, or both.

2.  After the sales team has processed your request, you will receive an email from our Implementation/Support team that provides instructions to register with Evanced at Braintree (our eCommerce vendor).  Please note, you must register from within your Evanced product in order to properly assign your account with our software.

3. Complete the Braintree registration form accessed from the button provided in the admin settings.  After you have submitted your application to Braintree, your status will be "pending" as you await their approval.

4.  Upon Braintree's approval, a confirmation email will be sent to both you and Evanced. The Evanced team member handling your eCommerce implementation will then inform you when your system configuration is complete.  They will also enable the payment processing for each module you specified on your launch date.

Helpful links:

Getting Started:

Braintree Control Panel Overview: 

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