SignUp Calendar Page URL Variables

URL variables can be appended to your calendar link to specify certain settings.
If your eventcalendar is at the URL, we'll add URL variables like so:

The first variable you want to add, you need to start with a question mark. Every other variable, you start with an ampersand. It's pretty easy, and lets you build custom links!

Note: prior to the August 2016 release of SignUp, URLs used the format Those URLs will redirect to the new format, but we encourage you to update your links to reflect the new format instead of relying on the redirects.

These are the variables we currently use:
  • Display Format - df=
    • list, week or calendar
  • Number of Days - nd=
    • 30 - or any integer value
    • overrides "df=calendar" switch and forces list view
  • Keyword - kw=
    • any single word or phrase - keyword searches on Description, Title and Presenter if a specific presenter is not specified.
  • Date Start - ds=
    • A date value in YYYY/MM/DD format.
    • on list view, the events shown start at this date.
    • on calendar view, the entire month passed is displayed.
  • Date End - de=
    • A date value in YYYY/MM/DD format.
    • on list view, the events shown start at this date.
    • this doesn't do anything on calendar view.
  • Presenter - ps=
    • any name, first, last or combined, of a desired presenter.
  • Featured Events - fe=
    • 1 - This displays featured events only.
  • Ongoing Events - ongoing=
    • 1 - This displays ongoing events with the rest of the events.
  • Specific Library Branches - lib=
    • 1 for single, where 1 is the library ID.
    • 1,2,4,6,23 for multiple, where these numbers are the library IDs. No spaces.
  • Specific Age Groups - ag=
    • 1 for single, where 1 is the age group ID.
    • 1,3,5,8,13 for multiple, where these numbers are the age group IDs. No spaces.
    • input ag=all for every age group in your system to display
  • Specific Event Types - et=
    • 1 for single, where 1 is the event type ID.
    • 3,1,4,15,92 for multiple, where these numbers are the event type IDs. No spaces.
    • input et=all for every event type in your system to display
  • Bypass Mobile Interface - nomobile=
    • 1 - This bypasses the mobile interface and forces desktop interface.
Staff Side Only Variables (these just don't work on patron side)
  • Published flags - pub=
    • 1 - Only published.
    • 2 - Only unpublished.
    • 3 - Both published & unpublished (default).
Custom Fields
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