Add Event-Recurring Step

After you have completed the Quick Entry step, you can go on and complete other steps within the Create Event process.

If you are setting up a Single Date Event, you will not need to adjust anything on this page.

The Recurring step begins the process of setting up a Recurring Event Series.

There are three different repetition patterns for a recurring event: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. You can select these options by clicking the drop down menu.


The above example demonstrates an event series which occurs every other day from your current date (in this case 8/11/2015) to the end date of 8/19/2015. This would result in 5 different occurrences. 


The above example demonstrates an event series which occurs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday every week for 4 occurrences of each day.



The above example demonstrates an event series which occurs on the third Sunday of each Month and will have 4 occurrences.


With all three different styles of recurring events you have the ability to make a variety of changes to the recurring pattern of your event series.

After setting up a pattern, you can then select to include additional dates for events which occur irregularly and go against the pattern.

When selecting an additional date, you will can enter either a specific date through the use of MM/DD/YYYY or through clicking the calendar icon to bring up a small calendar to select dates from.



The next step in Event Creation is the Event Details Step

Please note: There is a difference between recurring and ongoing events.

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  • Summary: How to add a recurring event in SignUp.
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