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Enhancements to SignUp, Spaces, and D!BS

In case you missed the recent Enhancements to SignUp, Spaces, and D!BS webinar on September 12th, 2019, we are sharing the recording for you to check out when you have time.

We covered many product enhancements our development team has been working on and also when you can expect them to be available. There are a lot of things to get excited about, including:

 The ability to schedule multi-slot patron appointments in SignUp
 Mobile responsive design and independently bookable equipment in Spaces
 Improved reporting capabilities and calendar view in D!BS



2019 Feature and Enhancements List

Be sure to check out the version history notes for a full list of enhancements and bug fixes as they are released.





  • System Wide Hours & Holiday/Emergency Closings *Release Date TBD
    • Configuration for system wide hours
    • Configuration for Holiday/Emergency Closings
  • Keep Me Logged in (Released on 9/3/19)


  • More robust Attendance Page & Setup *Release Date TBD
    • Improved registrant management
  • "Smart" Stipulation Questions *Release Date TBD
    • Ability to accept, reject, or waitlist a patron based on their response to a custom question
  • Edit all events even after patrons have registered *Release Date Scheduled 11/20/2019
  • Update to recurring event edit *Release Date Scheduled 11/20/2019
  • Appointment events *Release Date TBD
    • Ability to add appointment time slots within a single event
  • Spaces integration: Room Setup Integration *Release Date TBD
    • Ability to select layout and equipment for an event
  • ProPay eCommerce integration *Release Date TBD


  • Equipment Only Bookings *Release Date TBD
    • Ability to reserve an equipment item without reserving a room
  • Patron Calendar Views  *Release Date TBD
    • Ability to view availability in a monthly calendar view
    • ability to view availability in weekly calendar view
  • Mobile Friendly *Release Date TBD
  • Time Specific Fees (such as after hours) *Release Date TBD
  • Tax Fees *Release Date TBD
  • Ability to set Fee Configurations *Release Date TBD
  • ProPay eCommerce integration *Release Date TBD


  • Reservation Restrictions *Release Date TBD
    • Additional reservation restrictions
  • Reservation Report *Release Date TBD
  • Patron Report *Release Date TBD
  • Conflict checking with SignUp Integration *Release Date TBD
  • SignUp Integration: Include events in Reports *Release Date Scheduled 11/20/2019
  • Patron/Staff Calendar View *Release Date TBD
    • Ability to view availability in a monthly calendar view on the staff and patron reservation workflows
    • Ability to view reservations in a monthly calendar view on the admin/staff side


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  • Summary: Enhancements to SignUp, Spaces, and D!BS
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