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FAQ: Why does it say "Username has already been taken" when my patron hasn’t registered yet?

Usernames in Wandoo Reader are unique and universal, similar to how a Facebook or Gmail account works. No two patrons can have the same exact username, even if they attend different libraries. When we created Wandoo Reader, we wanted patrons to be able to have a record of their full reading history. Having universal usernames also allows patrons to enroll in reading programs from different libraries (for instance, if the patron moves away) and still have a record of their reading history from other libraries' programs! If your patron receives an error stating their username is already in use, a patron at a different library has already registered with that username and your patron will have to pick a new username. Often it is enough to add a number to the end of the username (DemcoTest1 instead of DemcoTest).

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  • Summary: Wandoo Reader usernames are unique and universal.
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