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Server Architecture and ILS Authentication in Evanced Applications

This article is for those interested in Evanced's server architecture and how it relates to ILS authentication.

Evanced's servers exist within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud in Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). This means Evanced can potentially have servers in many different locations. VPCs have very restrictive network access so Evanced has established a series of network address translation (NAT) devices which allows Evanced to define from where their traffic will originate. All of Evanced's servers initiate communication through one of their NATs. Evanced currently has two NATs at the following IP addresses:

All ILS authentication attempts will be made from one of these two IP addresses. The addresses are leased from AWS by Evanced so any traffic coming from them will be Evanced traffic. This allows Evanced customers to open ILS authentication ports to these two specific IP addresses ensuring that no one can access this data unless it originates from an Evanced server.

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  • Summary: About Evanced’s server architecture and how it relates to ILS authentication.
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