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SignUp Tag Integration

SignUp is now availble with a tagging feature.  Tagging is a way for you to further organize your events in an streamlined method, that allows for better searching of your events, by both you and your patrons.  In a sense, they act like “Keywords”  or “Metatags” within your SignUp system.


SignUp events can have deeper specificity for categorization by using tags.  This allows a library to utilize event types to categorize events in a more general way to provide patrons with general information about the event.  Tagging allows an event creator to add more specifics to the event.  It's easiest to consider tags in SignUp as hidden event keywords.  The tags will be searchable and can be returned in the exml feed.    More information on using the tag feature in your system can be found here:  Add A Tag To An Event, Security, Tag Management, EXML Feeds.   


A common example event would be "Children's Story Time".  The event would be labeled with the event type of "Children".  The event is tagged with "Children", "Toddlers", "Reading", "Story Time", etc.  A patron can search on any of the tagged terms and the system will return the events that contain a tag.  The tag integration makes the keyword searching much more valuable.  An event creator can tag the event without the worry of overwhelming the patron with information in the event description.

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