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Understanding the Patron Side of Wandoo Reader

Wandoo Reader’s patron side is built around the concept of themes. A theme represents the visual components to how the program looks to patrons.

Reader has multiple themes which can be applied to a program. The Simple Theme presents a clean easy-to-use interface for patrons of all ages.

Additionally, Wandoo Reader has three “story gamified themes”.

The Super Hero game tells the story of how the library helps the player deal with the new and inconvenient super power of cheese manipulation. The player learns how the power of reading books can grant them new, and far more useful abilities.

The Robot game theme introduces SURF, a rusty old robot who clanks into the library in search of someone who can help it discover its true self. It runs off the energy generated when a player reads books. The player helps SURF upgrade and cooperate to foil an evil organization. 

The Sport Theme encourages kids to build their strengths through reading as they build their champion and progress through the galactic competition. 

Wandoo Reader’s patron side has certain elements that are constant regardless of the theme.

The registration process depends the intended age of the program. The theme you choose does not affect how registration unfolds.

Programs will ask patrons to enter their birthdate to verify they are old enough to participate for the program. Once entrance granted, they will be able to complete their registration and taken to the patron home page.

The logo slot can be customized with your library’s branding. The banner slot can also be used for any image you like.

Important messages may change location based on the theme, but they always reflect what you’ve entered in on the staff side. Note that you can embed video in this spot as well.

If you use Evanced SignUp or Events, you can also embed your XML calendar feed into the page as well.

All the themes are mobile-responsive as well. They all function well in a mobile browser from phones to tablets.

All the themes have the Books tab in which patron logs are recorded. The book images are generated from a curated database of books, though patrons can enter books not in the database as well. Catalog integration with your ILS system is not currently available.

Patrons in a program that is for patrons over the age of 13 can share what books they’ve read via social media. Wandoo Reader currently supports Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

The Challenge tab allows you to incentivize a wide array of literacy activities. Again, these can be shared via social media. For more information about challenges, please check out the challenge video, or visit the challenge article

The awards tab shows the certificates, badges and prizes the patron has won. Prizes will be marked as unredeemed or redeemed depending on whether or not the patron has claimed his or her prize. For more information about prizes and certificates, please check out the prize and certificate video.

Patrons can be enrolled in multiple programs at the same time, and easily switch between them.

They can also update their personal information, and if parents who have multiple children in a program can change between their children’s accounts as well.

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