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Program Themes in Wandoo Reader

In Wandoo Reader, a program “theme” refers to the style and interactive elements of a program. Wandoo Reader has a total of six theme options.

The Simple Theme has no game or story elements included. While your library can still add its own game elements to the experience via the challenge tool, the program will serve as a straight-forward logging tool. Many libraries will use this theme for adults and older teenagers.  This theme is also compatible with a "no-logging" program for challenge only based programs.

There are five themes with game/story elements.

These themes cannot be edited in any way. The game elements consist of 10 levels. Players choose a difficulty level upon registration. These help to give patrons of differing reading levels a similar experience. Easy roughly corresponds to a first or second grade level. Medium to a third and fourth. Hard to a fifth and sixth grade level for programs using pages or minutes. For programs using books, all the levels function the same.

Game themes involve story elements that construct a narrative throughout the story as well as a part-swapping mechanic that allows players to construct their own robot or become a super hero with new and varied abilities.

The Building Theme opens with our archeologist and scientist presented with a challenge. Learn from the designs of others and build a better world! Readers will travel together with the characters as they take lessons from history and today. 

The Rock Theme story line involves traveling to notable performance halls/arenas etc.  The characters are based off of musical instruments.

The Robot Theme tells the story of a clunky robot named SURF who wanders into the library and needs help. He does not want to be grey and boring. He derives energy from books, and as players read, he levels up, giving them the ability to upgrade his components. In the end, he reveals his back story and the player helps to free other robots from a sinister organization. 

The Super Hero Theme tells the story of how the player has developed a serious problem. He or she has gained the ability to manipulate cheese. With the help of the mysterious Master M, the player learns that the more he or she reads, the more super powers are gained. The player learns to control an array of new powers culminating in a daring rescue.

The Sport Theme encourages kids to build their strengths through reading as they build their champion and progress through the galactic competition. 

Players use the part-swapping mechanic to gain access to new and exciting parts to customize their character. There are thousands of combinations. Players can print off a certificate with their creation via the Awards tab.

Each year, new themes will be added, but existing themes will still populate your options list. You can run as many themes currently as you want. You can reuse themes for other programs.

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